SHINee World Tour Concert: Date, Schedule, Place and Tickets

Concert Tickets : Seat Plan, Price and Extras

Jakarta, Indonesia (November 12, 2016)

shinee v jakarta


Toronto & Vancouver (March 19 and 21, 2017)

shinee in toronto and vancouver and

Dallas & Los Angeles (March 24th and 26, 2017)

shinee in dallas and los angeles

Hong Kong, China (May 20, 2017)

shinee v hongkong


New Taipei City, Taiwan (June 11, 2017)

shinee taiwan v


Bangkok (June 24, 2017)

shinee v concert


SHINee’s Concert Plans for 2018


After speculation over the future of SHINee following Jonghyun’s death last December, Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin have all shared handwritten letters reaffirming fans that they intend to continue on as a 4-member group. As part of their plan to soldier on as SHINee, the four members have decided to hold their scheduled 2018 Japanese concerts which were organised prior to Jonghyun’s death.

Here are Key and Minho’s letters and the translations:



Hello this is SHINee’s Key. There have been many people worried about me. I am still trying to gather my mind and return to an everyday life.

When I see items that Jonghyun hyung had left behind, my heart sinks and I start tearing up due to the memories. My head always hurts at the thought of it. I am trying to work hard to overcome my mind by instead believing I am spending time with [Jonghyun] hyung.

There have been many people who will continue to support SHINee with our future promotions, and I have also thought about it as well. I however, did not want to give up as [SHINee] for a restful mind.

There have also been many people worried about us [SHINee], and we have decided to continue the Japan concert as planned.

Jonghyun would want us to do something like this, and I believe that it is of SHINee[‘s character] to continue and keep our promise to fans to showcase a good stage.

This is SHINee’s 10th anniversary.

Thank you always so much for supporting and taking care of us. We will return [the favour] by showing a SHINee-stage.

I love you, and thank you.




Hello this is SHINee’s Minho. In regards to the status of SHINee’s Japan concert, I wanted to share news in a calmer state, after long considerations and discussions with each other.

While I’m writing this, I’m having many feelings and thoughts and wishes but I hope that my message is able to be conveyed [through this letter].

There are many people who are open to the idea of us returning, and others against the idea, but we actually don’t know what is the correct way to handle things in this moment. However, we think that this is our best decision to continue our promise to [Jonghyun].

The memories we have been able to share between our members, staff and fans have been so precious and they are some of the happiest moments that I don’t think can be replaced.

Jonghyun’s space is also something that can’t be replaced, there are many worries regarding whether we will be able to stand on stage as a group again, but I will prepare the fullest so my heart is shown in the near future.

Jonghyun hyung and the rest of us promised, when we were tired and wanted to quit, and when we wanted to run away since we were too weak, we will remember that [the fans] were our biggest strength, and because of this, we will continue to keep singing. Let us all overcome this battle together.

During our time together this cold winter, please continue to share your warm supports with SHINee and Jonghyun hyung.

shinee concert

SHINee returns as 5 in Japan for SHINee World 2018 THE BEST ~FROM NOW ON~ Dome Tour! Dates: Feb 17-18 & 26-27.

Concert Official Site:
UMJ Artist Official Website (for updates): SHINee Official Website News


1 – 2018. 2. 17 (Sat) Open, 15:00 JST  Start, 17:00 JST  – Kyocera Dome, Osaka
2 – 2018. 2. 18 (Sun) Open, 13:00 JST  Start, 15:00 JST  – Kyocera Dome, Osaka
3 – 2018. 2. 26 (Mon) Open, 16:00 JST  Start, 18:00 JST  – Tokyo Dome, Tokyo
4 – 2018. 2. 27 (Tues) Open, 16:00 JST  Start, 18:00 JST  – Tokyo Dome, Tokyo


  1. Colors of the Season
    -Medley #1- (audio only – this concert doesn’t have VCRs)
  2. Stranger
  3. Everybody (JP)
  4. Evil (KR)
  5. Juliette (JP)-Opening Ment-
  6. End of a Day (Jonghyun Tribute Video w/ words from SHINee)
  7. Love
  8. The World Where You Exist (Kimi ga iru sekai)
  9. Diamond Sky
  10. Fire-Medley #2- (Ring Ding Dong + Ready or Not + Dynamite + Colorful)
  11. Sherlock (JP)
  12. Love Like Oxygen (JP)
  13. Hello (JP)
  14. To Your Heart
  15. Dazzling Girl (on carts)
  16. Lucky Star (in hot air balloons)
  17. Downtown Baby-Medley #3- (Boys Will Be Boys + Mr. Right Guy + Good Good Feeling)
  18. Hitchhiking (KR)
  19. Why So Serious (KR)
  20. Kimi no seide
  21. Lucifer (JP)-Shawol Encore Call-
  22. Sing Your Song
  23. I’m With You
    -Encore Ment-
  24. New Song #1 – Every Time
  25. Replay (JP) (Day 4 Fan Event)
    -Closing Ment-
  26. New Song #2 – From Now On

Run Time: 2.5 hours

Jonghyun was no longer physically with them, however, the SHINee members reminded fans that they are forever 5 by dedicating the center for the late member during their ending stage. According to fans, the members had red roses pinned to their shirts during the performance, then walked off the stage after leaving the roses on Jonghyun’s mic stand.

Minho opened up and said, “To be honest, I was very scared and anxious about today. But I was able to overcome that because I’m not alone, we’re here with all of you. We hope to keep approaching every stage like all five of us are standing there.” He also stated, “Will you promise us one thing? Please keep your memory of Jonghyun alive forever. I can’t put in words how precious Jonghyun is to us.”

At the end, he concluded with, “Our time with you today has been such a happy moment for us. Thank you so much. You are our hope.”

Let’s keep our SHINee with 5 members and support them no matter what, Shawols!