Shin Ye-eun Talks About Her Chemistry with Got7’s Jinyoung in ‘He is Psychometric’

The Chemistry Between Two JYP Actors, Shin Ye-eun and Got7’s Jin-young

He is Psychometric is a drama that is scheduled to be aired for the first time on tvN on March 11th, 2019. The drama tells the story of a guy with psychometric abilities, who can also see someone’s past by simply touching them. The psychometric guy soon gets involved with a girl with a dark past. The two of them, later on, develop a romantic relationship.

The male main character is portrayed by Park Jin-young from Got7, the idol that already starred in a lot of dramas ever since he made a debut back in 2012, with his role as Eui-bong in Dream High 2. While the female main character is portrayed by the rising actress Shin Ye-eun.

Although this is the first project for the two of them together, both of them show viewers good chemistry. Besides, they both come from the same agency, JYP Entertainment. Even though Jin-young is a member of the idol group Got7, he is also an actor in the JYP Actors list. While Shin Ye-eun signed a contract as a JYP actress in 2018.

Now let’s talk about the details of Shin Ye-eun and Jin-young’s chemistry! Whoops, but first, let’s see the background of the rising star actress, Shin Ye-eun!

JYP Actress

On August 29th, 2018, it was reported that Shin Ye-eun signed an official contract as a JYP actress after she played the character Doo Ha-na in the web series drama titled A-Teen. Before entering JYP as an actress, she used to be a trainee with pretty good dancing and singing skills from the beginning of 2018.

Showing brilliant acting skills in A-Teen, Shin Ye-eun receive a lot of loves from fans. She admitted that she didn’t anticipate that people would give such a positive reaction like this. Her agency, JYP Entertainment, has such faith in her abilities that they offered her the official contract to be part of JYP Actors.

She is very grateful for this unexpected opportunity to start her career as an actress. Thankfully, she has a supportive family that shows support and always gives her advice on how to be a better actress.

She also added that she would love to learn more about how to become better at acting. A student with an acting major in Sungkyungkwan University added that she doesn’t want to leave the impression of just a ‘pretty actress,’ but rather, she wants people to know her as an actress with good and trustworthy acting skills.


Shin Ye-eun began her acting career playing the main character in the web drama titled A-Teen. This is a web drama that also starred April’s Na-eun and other rising star actors, such as Kim Dong-hee that also starred in the popular drama titled Sky Castle.

In this drama, Shin Ye-eun portrayed the role of Do Ha-na. She is friends with the character that is played by April’s Na-eun, Kim Ha-na. The two of them have the same name, but a totally different personality. Do Ha-na has a cold and boyish personality, she doesn’t really do good in studying. While Kim Ha-na has a more elegant vibe, she is also a good student who loves to study. Besides Kim Ha-na, Do Ha-na also has Yeo Bo-ram, Nam Shi-woo, Cha Gi-hyun, and Ha Min as her best friends.

Even though the best friends squad contains both boys and girls and they always say that their relationship is only ‘best friends,’ it just can’t be helped for a boy and a girl to fall in love with each other. Do Ha-na has a crush on Ha Min, a guy friend that is close to Kim Ha-na. While Nam Shi-woo is secretly in love with Do Ha-na. Then again, the drama is about the romance and the friendship between teenagers in their eighteen years. Watching this drama that is so relatable will make your heart flutter, especially when the romantic scenes come up.

Let’s take a look at clips of the web drama A-Teen to see how brilliant Shin Ye-eun is when she plays the role of Do Ha-na!

Day6’s “Shoot Me” MV

Before Shin Ye-eun successfully started her acting career, she starred as a female character in one of Day6 MVs titled “Shoot Me,” that was released on June 26th, 2018.

Starring as a music video model of her labelmate band, she portrayed the fierce girlfriend that always tortures her boyfriend and makes him frustrated. Just look at how she turns her expression into a wild and cold-hearted girlfriend that is ready to shoot you.

He Is Psychometric

Shin Ye-eun started her acting career from the very bottom! At first, she starred in a music video as a model, after that she played the main character in a web series, and now she finally got a lead role in a TV cable series, He Is Psychometric, that is going to start airing in the beginning of March.

In the drama, she plays the character Yoon Jae-in, an emotional girl with a painful past and a lot of scars in her head. While she always tries to hide it and keep it a secret, Lee Ahn, the character portrayed by Jin-young, has the ability to see this since he is a psychometric himself. Later on, the two of them, together with another investigation team, team up to solve some cases.

The Chemistry with Got7’s Jinyoung

Both Shin Ye-eun and Jin-young are from the same agency, JYP Entertainment. Even so, they come from a different background since Jin-young is an idol from the idol group Got7, and Shin Ye-eun is a rookie actress that has only just started her career as an actress.

Nevertheless, both Jin-young and Ye-eun are talented actor and actress that can develop great on-screen chemistry, despite the fact that the two of them are a senior and junior that have a gap of four years between them.

shin ye eun jinyoung

In an interview, Shin Ye-eun said that people around the shooting location commented that her chemistry with Jin-young is getting better and better. “On the spot, I heard that my chemistry with Jin-young sunbae (a term for addressing a senior in Korean) is getting better and better. I think as the time passes, it will become even better,” she said.

shin yeeun jungkook

Well then, let’s just keep supporting the amazing JYP actor and actress with brilliant acting skills, Shin Ye-eun, and Jin-young as Yoo Jae-in, and Lee Ahn in the drama He is Psychometric!