We’re Shook! Actress Shin So-yul Confesses That She Had Plastic Surgery!

Admitting Plastic Surgery

On January 28th, 2013, Shin So-yul participated in a recording for the variety series, Talk Club Actresses, where they spilled their guts on a variety of fairly controversial topics such as plastic surgery. This theme might not be all that surprising among many Koreans, but within the sphere of the entertainment industry it’s still a taboo topic to be discussing out in the open, let alone be admitting to it, and that’s exactly what Shin So-yul did.


Her previous appearances on shows like Strong Heart have definitely done their part in helping incite the rumors of plastic surgery, but she has always dodged it by saying that any change in her appearance has only been brought on by dieting and the natural changes that occur during puberty. After a long time, she finally gained the courage to address those issues and admit to it aloud, stating that she has done plastic surgery in the past and it’s not something she regrets.

One of her biggest motivations in addressing the rumors is to correct the misconceptions of which part of her face she’s had work on. Most people think it was something to do with her eyes and her smile lines, something she is very well known for. Despite that, the facial feature she has actually gotten surgery on is actually her nose. The surgery actually came out very extreme and obvious at first but she has quickly adapted through diet and exercising as to minimize the unnatural appearance of her surgery. Moreover, she said that the two together helped her achieve the confidence and strength to become the celebrity that has always wanted to be.


As mentioned above, the procedure that she admitted having was a nose surgery that helped enhanced the shape and height of her nose. Most people in Korea dream of having a sloped, defined nose with a pronounced nose bridge, and it’s hardly a shock that this was the same look that Shin So-yul was aiming for.


As seen above, her nose in the bottom picture appears to be both flatter and more rounded than in the picture above, where she has her past picture right next to her. At first she had claimed that it was all to weight loss, but we all know that that seemed a little bit too optimistic and improbable. To achieve a straight, sloped, and defined nose, most people usually opt for nose threading, fillers, or even suspension by adding parts of the bones from the ear to help heighten the nose bridge. There’s nothing concrete to say which procedure Shin So-yul specifically had done, but the results suggest it was a permanent procedure, unlike using fillers, and gives a very natural result.

So what do you think about Shin So-yul’s new look compared to how she looked before? Do you think the surgery was justified, and it makes her look more like other actresses? Or do you think she was pretty the way she was before her surgery? Comment with your thoughts down below!