We’re Shook! Actress Shin So-yul Confesses That She Had Plastic Surgery!


Shin So-yul’s Past Will Shock You!

Have you ever heard the name Shin So-yul? Chances are you know her face, although you may be unfamiliar with her name because she has definitely been in more than one hit drama in the past decade, but has always been in supporting roles. Worry not, though, as Shin So-yul is an actress on the rise, to be feared by leading ladies in the industry. Her strong presence and charismatic acting is sure to charm all the viewers who’ve seen her work.

Not only that, in 2013, Shin So-yul admitted to getting plastic surgery to enhance her face and gain confidence.

The narrative that Shin So-yul has taken on isn’t something particularly unfamiliar in the Korean entertainment industry, as many have resorted to plastic surgery in order to better fit with the Korean standards of beauty. From their eyelids to the height of their noses, to the tips of their lips, all kinds of procedures are readily available.

So what do you think actress Shin So-yul has done to enhance her beauty? Stay tuned for more information regarding her career and plastic surgery!

Shin So-yul’s Career

Shin So-yul first debuted as an actress in a drama called Someday, taking the role of the main character’s friend. The drama aired in OCN and received a certain amount of praise for the plot and acting, gaining her the credentials to move on to bigger projects, such as Jungle Fish – Season 2 and Midas. Aside from her roles in dramas, she’s also acted in movies such as Shadows in The Palace and My Love.

It wasn’t until 2012, when she started really getting major roles in big hit projects. One of those was her role in the hit drama Reply 1997, alongside APink’s Jung Eun-ji and Seo In-guk. She played the role of Jung Eun-ji’s friend, Mo Yoo-jung, who had a very bright and perky personality, as well as having a loveline with one of Seo In-guk’s friends. The drama was a big hit, both domestically and internationally, for its portrayal of the Korean idol fandom culture in the late 1990s.

Not only that, Shin So-yul was also part of a big movie production that touched on a very controversial topic, My PS Partner. The movie followed two unexpected people in their journey of finding love through an accidental phone call that led to them having phone sex. Shin So-yul plays the role of So-yoon, the ex-girlfriend of the lead male star, who wants him back after breaking up with him, seducing him through very creative and feisty ways. The movie became the fastest selling movie of the time, with a 19+ rating in Korea, beating out other hit romantic comedy movies.

Recently, Shin So-yul has been focused on starring in more hit movies, such as The Royal Tailor and On Your Wedding Day, rather than on drama TV series. Her roles might not be  major yet, but her contribution is definitely felt and has been acknowledged through receiving several different awards in the supporting role category. Moreover, her suddenly admitting to having plastic surgery has also helped hype some of the projects she’s been in.