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Shin Se-kyung’s Top Dramas


Not only actively working in various films, Shin Se-kyung has taken roles in various dramas. Making her drama debut through a role in the historical drama ‘Land’ in 2005, her acting skills slowly began to be recognized by being often cast as the female lead in various dramas. The following are some of the top dramas she has played in.

A Girl Who See Smells

냄새를 보는 소녀

‘A Girl Who Can Sees Smells’ is a drama adapted from the KTOON webtoon of the same title by Seo Soo-kyung, also known as Man Chwi. This drama’s story starts when Choi Eun-seol (Shin Se-kyung) arrives home to find her parents murdered. When the murderer is distracted, she escapes, but is hit by a car. Eun-seol’s parents are later found with a barcode carved into their skin, the work of the “Barcode” serial killer. The lead detective on the case, Oh Jae-pyo (Jung In-gi), realizes that the now-comatose Eun-seol is the sole surviving witness.

On that same night, Choi Moo-gak (Park Yoo-chun) is at the hospital visiting his younger sister (Kim So-hyun), also named Choi Eun-seol, who’s being treated for mild injuries after a bus accident. But when he returns to her bed, he finds her dead with her throat slit.

Six months later, Eun-seol comes out of her coma, but has no memories at all of her life before waking up at the hospital, and her left eye has turned green with no scientific explanation. She has also gained the unique ability to “see” smells as visible colors and shapes, and can even trace where people have been because their lingering scents are like a trail. To protect her, Jae-pyo adopts her and invents a new life for her, telling her that he’s her real father and that her name is Oh Cho-rim. Three years and six months pass, and Cho-rim is a cheerful girl who’s adjusted to her ability. She dreams of becoming a comedian and works as a gofer for a small, struggling theater company called Frog Troupe.

On the other hand, Moo-gak had been so traumatized by his sister’s death that, after two months of no sleep and constant pain, he fainted and was clinically dead for ten days. When he woke up, he’d lost his sense of smell and taste, and is unable to feel pain. Unlike his previous warm personality, Moo-gak is now stoic, emotionless, and speaks in a monotone. He leaves his job at the aquarium to become a police officer, vowing to reopen the case and catch the killer, but to do so, he must first get promoted to detective. He has to prove himself to the head of the homicide unit, Detective Kang Hyuk (Lee Won-jong), in ten days or never ask for promotion again. Cho-rim also needs a skit partner for her upcoming audition in ten days, and when she offers to help him with his cases in exchange, they decide to team up. After a model (Park Han-byul) turns up dead, seemingly another victim of the Barcode serial killer, Moo-gak joins the investigation headed by Lieutenant Yeom Mi (Yoon Jin-seo), and he hones in on two possible suspects: the model’s boyfriend, chef Kwon Jae-hee (Namgoong Min) and her doctor (Song Jong-ho).

In this drama, Shin Se-kyung played Oh Cho-rim / Choi Eun-sol. She witnessed the murder of her parents and lived on as the sole witness of the Barcode serial murders. She has a strange ability, being able to see smells as patterns in the air. She forms a team with Moo-gak and, together, they work to solve the series of Barcode murders.

This drama aired on SBS on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55, for 16 episodes from April 1 to May 21, 2015. The drama managed to top the Contents Power Index (CPI) rankings for the most influential dramas.

Six Flying Dragons

육룡이 나르샤-Six-flying-dragon-Shin-Se-kyung

‘Six Flying Dragons’ is the title of the series in Old Korean. Nareushya is a native Korean word, which means nara oreuda, or ‘soar up to the sky’, in modern Korean. Thus, the literal translation of the title is “six dragons soaring up to the sky.” This drama is set in the waning days of the Goryeo Dynasty, and depicts the lives and aspirations of six characters in establishing a new country called Joseon, with Lee Bang-won (Yoo Ah-in) as the central figure. A fusion of sageuk and fiction, the story follows the conflicts of those ‘six flying dragons’ with the entrenched powers set against them, as they attempt to realize the dream they all share of a new nation founded on Confucian principles, which would eventually last for 500 years.

In this drama, Shin Se-kyung was cast as Boon-yi, a girl who was braver and smarter than her brother. She was also a girl of good character, so she couldn’t stay quiet when she saw anything unjust and wanted to look after the weak. Her biggest strength was that she never gets discouraged, under any circumstances. Boon-yi didn’t care about whether a thing was possible or not. The most important thing to her was not how much possibility it had, but whether she should do it or not. Her fateful meeting with Yi Bang-won leads to a love triangle including Lady Min, who would become the future queen of Joseon.

The drama aired on SBS on Mondays and Tuesdays at 22:00, for 50 episodes beginning on October 5, 2015, as part of S’s 25th anniversary special. This drama series reunited actors Yoo Ah-in and Shin Se-kyung, who previously starred together in the 2012 drama ‘Fashion King’.

The Bride of Habaek

하백의 신부-Biide-of-Habaek-Shin-Se-kyung

‘The Bride of Habaek’ is based on webcomic ‘Habaekui Shinboo’ by Yoon Mi-kyung (published from May 7, 2012 to December 11, 2014). This drama tells about a narcissistic water god, Ha-baek (Nam Joo-hyuk), who visits earth in order to find three stones powerful enough to help him claim his throne. He seeks out the help of his servant and destined bride, psychiatrist So-ah (Shin Se-kyung), whose family is fated to serve the water god for generations. The problem is that she doesn’t believe in the gods, and initially mistakes him for suffering from delusions. Things get even stranger when the wind god Bi-ryeom (Gong Myung), the water goddess Mu-ra (Krystal), and the semi-god Hu-ye (Lim Ju-hwan) show up to complicate things.

Shin Se-kyung played as Yoon So-ah, A neuropsychiatrist with her own practice, but who is saddled with mountains of debt and is the soon-to-be the Bride of the Water God. This drama aired on the cable channel tvN every Monday and Tuesday at 22:55 (KST), from July 3, 2017, to August 22, 2017.

Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me

흑기사-Black Knight-Shin-Se-kyung

‘Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me’, also known as ‘Black Knight’, is a South Korean television series with a romantic-fantasy drama genre. The story tells about a man who risks fate for a woman he loves. Soo-Ho (Kim Rae-Won) is a successful businessman who lives abroad. Those that oppose him always seem to suffer misfortune. He decides to go to South Korea to find Hae-Ra (Shin Se-Kyung), but first, he goes to Slovenia.

Meanwhile, in Seoul, Hae-Ra works at a travel agency, but she has never had a chance to travel abroad. She had a happy childhood until her parents died, and her life has been miserable ever since. She thinks back to a purple cashmere coat that her parents ordered for her as a Christmas present, but she could not pick up because of their demise. She decides to go to Sharon’s Boutique and look for that coat, in hopes of changing her fortune. After meeting Sharon (Seo Ji-Hye) at the boutique, she opens her eyes and finds her purple cashmere coat. Afterward, people who give her a hard time suffer misfortune. She goes to Slovenia and meets Soo-Ho. Their fate has been intertwined since their past lives.

In this drama, Shin Se-kyung was cast as Jung Hae-ra / Boon-yi, She works for a travel agency. Even though she is poor, she takes care of her aunt and maintains a cheerful attitude. As a child, she was pretty well-off. However, when her parents died and her family went bankrupt, her life turned upside down. She did not lose hope because she had a job, a house, and a boyfriend. But misfortunes never come alone. Her work, family, and lover drag her to the pit of her life. Then she remembers the wine-colored coat she had ordered at Sharon’s Boutique as a child. She never got to pick it up because her family suddenly went bankrupt. Could her life have changed if she had picked up that coat? After she unexpectedly finds the coat, strange things start to happen to her. Then she meets him, the man who calls himself her black knight.

The series aired on KBS2 starting on December 6, 2017, and was on every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 (KST), for 20 episodes.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung

신입사관 구해령-Shin-Se-kyung

‘Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung’ is a South Korean television series with the historical romance genre. The drama is set in the early 19th century. Goo Hae-Ryung (Shin Se-kyung) works as a historian. Female historians like Goo Hae-Ryung are generally looked down upon because of their gender. Yet, Goo Hae-Ryung fulfills her duty as a historian. She gets involved with Prince Lee Rim(Cha Eun-woo).

In this drama, Shin Se-kyung played Goo Hae-ryung (born Seo Hee-yeon), she is a noble lady who becomes one of the four female historians of the royal court. She is the daughter of Seo Moon-jik, the deceased dean of Seoraewon, and has been living with her guardian, Jae-kyeong, whom she regards as her older brother. She is unique among most Joseon women for being keen on gaining knowledge and in voicing out her ideas and opinions. As a historian, she is recognized as a woman of bravery who does not fear anyone, even the King, himself. It aired on MBC on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the 21:00 KST time slot from July 17 to September 26, 2019, with Netflix carrying the series internationally.

Those are some of the best films and dramas starring Shin Se-kyung. Of course there are many other Shin Se-kyung dramas that are also highly recommended. Let’s keep waiting for other dramas and films fromShin Se-kyung, and continue to support her with love!