Take a Look at These Before-and-After Plastic Surgery Comparison Pictures of Shin Se-kyung!

Shin Se-kyung

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Who doesn’t love Shin Se-kyung? As an actress, she’s already explored so many roles ever part in her since she was a child. Even though Shin Se-kyung started her career as a model and as a child actress, her acting ability can’t be doubted. People are also in love with her pure image and natural appearance.

But, is her appearance actually natural, or is there a little plastic surgery case here? Through this article, Channel Korea will introduce you to the magnificent Shin Se-kyung and explore her before-and-after plastic surgery rumor!

Shin Se-kyung’s Plastic Surgery

Shin Se-kyung

Plastic surgery is a common issue being discussed by people, especially for fans of South Korean celebrities. Well, how about the cute yet beautiful actress Shin Se-kyung? Did she undergo any plastic surgery?

Shin Se-kyung reportedly underwent plastic surgery a couple of years ago. The news was initially reported because people saw differences in Shin Se-kyung’s appearance. Mostly, after Shin Se-kyung’s past pictures showed up. People started wondering if the pure and natural beauty on Shin Se-kyung was real or not.

Shin Se-kyung

Shin Se-kyung is suspected to have had plastic surgery on her eyes and jaw to have cheek implants. The eyelid surgery is very common in South Korea. About Shin Se-kyung’s eyes, she used to have narrowed eyes, but currently, her eyes look more open than her appearance before.

She also reportedly had plastic surgery on her jaw. In Shin Se-kyung’s past pictures, we can see that her jaw looks more rounded, but in her current appearance, her jaw looks sharper than before and has more of a V-line shape.

The most important part of her plastic surgery debate is her cheeks. We know that Shin Se-kyung used to have chubby cheeks, but suddenly, her cheeks nearly looked swollen, and it looked so unnatural to some people. Truth be told, her real appearance is charming, right? She doesn’t have to undergo any plastic surgery. We all knew that Shin Se-kyung obviously has her own charming side.

Shin Se-kyung

Finally, her agency Namoo Actors gave a statement about Shin Se-kyung’s plastic surgery, especially about her cheeks. Her agency revealed that she hasn’t turned to any plastic surgery, but she used to have scars on her cheeks. During one of her breaks, she got a treatment to remove her scars because they were something that would be that easy to remove with a laser procedure.

Her agency added that if she had plastic surgery, they wouldn’t agree for her to be involved with any CFs or interviews, which at that time were still being done by her.

Sneak Peek on Shin Se-kyung’s Past and Present Pictures!

Shin Se-kyung

For those of you craving for Shin Se-kyung’s good-looking appearances, here are past-and-present pictures of Shin Se-kyung! Let’s take a look!

Shin Se-kyung


shin se kyung


Shin Se-kyung


Shin Se-kyung


Shin Se-kyung

So, what do you guys think about Shin Se-kyung’s plastic surgery rumors? Well, let’s not be focused on that. Just spread your love and your support for Shin Se-kyung!