Looking So Sexy! Shin Se-kyung with Her Bikini and Mini Dress Photo Shoot!


Meet the Beautiful Actress Shin Se-kyung

Who doesn’t know Shin Se-kyung? The Korean actress who began her career in her childhood, and has now turned into a pretty young lady. Back then, Shin Se-kyung made her breakthrough in the entertainment industry with the sitcom High Kick Through the Roof. Since then, she starred in many dramas and films, such as Tazza: The Hidden Card, The Girl Who Sees Smell, Six Flying Dragons, and most recently the drama Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me.

Not only did she explore an acting career, but Shin Se-kyung also began a career in modeling. Starting from being a cosmetic and fashion ambassador, commercial model, to even an editorial model. Her flawless face and great body posture make her really suitable for being a model. Looking at the photos below, no one can resist her sexy look!

Catching Summer in Bali

In 2016, Shin Se-kyung traveled to Bali for a photo shoot with Nylon Magazine for the promotion of ‘Black Yack’. In the photo shoot, Shin Se-kyung showed a variety of summer outfits, among them, was a swimsuit.


As always, Shin Se-kyung looked very tempting and flawless in every photo. Under the sunlight, Shin Se-kyung posed on the edge of the pool at a resort hotel. With a black swimsuit that covered her body, Shin Se-kyung looked so sexy by highlighting her body curve and her long legs.

Approaching summer in Korea, more and more Korean stars were going to Bali for a photo shoot. The atmosphere of the beach in Bali is always suitable for summer, no wonder that a while ago Shinee’s Onew and Hyoyeon went to Bali as well.

Like a Hawaiian Princess

A while ago, Nylon Korea announced the April edition with a photo shoot with Shin Se-Kyung.


With an exotic background from Wailea Hawaii to the pretty island Maui that is also called ‘Europe in Hawaii’, these photos showed Shin Se-kyung’s feminine side successfully.


Because of the heavy sunlight in Hawaii, Shin Se-kyung radiated her beauty aura without any additional lighting. She even got many praises from the staff because her facial expression and pose were looking very professional, like other models, even though the sunlight was very harsh. With her short hair which was left unraveled, natural no-makeup look and pretty mini dress, Shin Se-kyung showed her amazing beauty.