Always Fashionable, Peek at 7 Casual but-Looking-Pretty Styles from Shin Min-ah!

What Would Shin Min-ah Wear?

Nowadays, Korean fashion is a huge trend all over the world and Korean celebrities become the benchmark for the current fashion styles. Actresses and girl-groups have their  own fashion stylists and their own styles have caught the spotlight. From airport fashion to going to events, their outfits can inspire their fans around the world.

It’s not a surprise that Shin Min-ah had become one of trendsetters in the world of Korean fashion. Her preferred style is simple, yet stunning. Looking stylish every time we see her, her taste can give us inspiration and can easily be adapted to suit our own lives and occasions. As a top celebrity, Shin Min-ah often gets invited to prestigious fashion and makeup events, which mean she should dress up. Every time she appears, she draws people’s attention with her sweet smile and her simple elegance. It’s as if one morning she just “woke up like this,” grabbed the nearest clothing pieces she could find, and voila! She still looks stylish without even trying.

Let’s break down some of Shin Min-ah looks and get inspired!

Oversized Looks

Check out how Shin Min-ah styles her oversized top with simple black pants and boots. The photo shows her styling an oversized black striped blazer casually draped over her shoulders. The bottoms are still the black pants and boots. With this simple and effortless styling, Kim Woo-bin’s girlfriend still looks pretty and chic.

With Glasses

Here is Shin Min-ah wearing round glasses with nude jumpsuit paired with white sneakers. She looks really cute and still chic in her own way. Let’s follow her look in here because it’s so easy and effortless, suitable for hanging out with our friends or family.

Black At All

Black is often a go-to color for everyone and for every occasion. We can never go wrong with black outfit. From the photos, Shin Min-ah is wearing a simple black dress with a ruffled skirt and simple black tip-toe heels. She wears her hair in a simple ponytail, and has bright red lipstick to give a pop of color.

In the other picture she is wearing another oversized black dress, with fringe on the skirt, pairing it with colorful heels and handbag. She looks really stunning with bold eye makeup but nude lipstick on the other hand. Such a goddess!

With Flat shoes

When we know she looks great in heels and boots, take a look at her wearing simple flat shoes. Still, she looks very chic and pretty in her own way. She is wearing a nude long coat, inner black top and blue jeans. She actually was trying both flat shoes and boots. Which one do you think looks better?

Wearing Jeans

Jeans and denim are very trendy these days. From jacket, top, bottom, and even vest are really fashionable. Look how well she pulls it off every time she wears jeans. Indeed, ‘effortlessly pretty’ was her middle name.

Wearing Long Coat

In the fall and winter the falling temperatures require a coat or jacket. Here is Shin Min-ah wearing a long coat with earthy and monochromatic color. Her simple style makes it easy for us to adapt her looks to our own uses. She is also only wearing natural makeup and simple hairstyles, or just lets it fall effortlessly.

Wearing One-cut Dress

Despite the fact that her usual look is pretty low-key, Shin Min-ah can still rock the sexy look, as we can see with these dresses. Which one do you like the most, the red or the black? Both looks use very different kinds of makeup but use a similar updo. Don’t forget to watch her drama, too, since there will be tons of fashion inspiration for us!