Rumored to Have Broken Up: Shin Min-ah Faithfully Cares for Kim Woo-bin Like a Fairy-tale


The Celebrity Couple, Shin Min-ah and Kim Woo-bin

Shin Min-ah and Kim Woo-bin are one of the famous couples in the Korean entertainment industry. The rumor about their relationship was revealed by Dispatch and confirmed by both their agencies on July 22nd, 2015. Media stated that the two got close when they had a photo shoot together for the fashion brand Giordano. Even though Shin Min-ah is older by 5 years, they show their strong love for each other until today.

Kim Woo-bin’s cancer

On May 24th, 2017, the actor was reported to have been diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal cancer. Media stated that he kept his disease as a secret at first but then his agency confirmed that Kim Woo-bin is currently under treatment for his cancer. On December 29th, 2017, Kim Woo-bin reported to have completed his treatment plan and his obligation to serve in the military is still exempted.

A few months ago, a piece of good news came from him. In August 2018, he was spotted to hang out together with his actor friend, Lee Jong-suk. He does look much slimmer than before but glad to see that he can hang out with his friend again!

Break-up rumor

The couple was reported to have broken up several times, but it turns out that their relationship is still going steadily despite Kim Woo-bin’s condition. Many people wonder what is Shin Min-ah doing because she is rarely seen in the industry since the news of her boyfriend’s Nasopharyngeal cancer came out.

Confirmed by Shin Min-ah herself, through her agency, she is still taking care of Kim Woo-bin and this automatically confirmed that the two are still together and haven’t parted ways. As updated by Allkpop, a reporter stated that Shin Min-ah faithfully accompanies her boyfriend whenever he needs to go to the hospital. What a sweet couple they are!

Shin Min-ah’s comeback

After 1 year of not being seen in any dramas or movies, Shin Min-ah finally made a comeback in the drama titled Tomorrow With You, that aired last year, where she took the role of Song Ma-rin. In this drama, she played alongside actor Lee Je-hoon.

The actress is also in progress of filming her first movie, after a 4-year break, titled Diva. The movie will be aired next year. It is a mystery thriller, so make sure you guys don’t miss it!

Kim Woo-bin and Shin Min-ah Spotted on a Date in Australia

On January 1, 2019, Kim Woo-bin and Shin Min-ah spotted on a Date in Australia dressed in comfortable clothes as if they were on vacation.

kim woo bin shin min ah australia
kim woo bin shin min ah australia

Hope Kim Woo-bin will recover as soon as possible and the two of them will stay together in a stronger relationship!