Full Profile of Actor Shin Jung-geun: Daughter, Movies, TV Shows, etc

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Learn More About Shin Jung-geun

Shin Jung-geun was born on September 26, 1966 in Yeoenggwang. In 2014, top actor Lee Jong-Suk and top actress Park Shin-Hye joined forces in the drama Pinocchio, with Shin Jung-geun as supporting character. The drama is about the complicated world of journalism. Many were impressed with Shin Jung-Geun’s acting in Pinocchio and want to know more about his private life and other works. Therefore, here is some information about Shin Jung-Geun gathered for the curious.

Shin Jung-Geun’s Daughter

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Shin Jung-Geun has a daughter named Eun Ji. This was revealed on Radio Star episode 423, and his daughter often acts cutely to him. He says that she’s willing to give her father a kiss only if he gives her money. It is obvious that Shin Jung-Geun is really close to his daughter. On Running Man episode 111, he reveals that his daughter told him to oust Lee Kwang-Soo first and foremost.

Shin Jung-Geun’s Movie and Drama List

Now that we have gotten to know more about Shin Jung-Geun’s private life, it’s time to look at his filmography.

Shin Jung-Geun’s Movie List

Year Title Role
1997 1818 (Policeman)
2002 Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (Worker)
2003 Once upon a Time in a Battlefield Kim Heum-Soon
2006 Oh! My God Agari
2006 Bloody Tie Section Chief Goh
2006 Mission Sex Control Chok Sae
2007 Bunt (Jin Gyu’s friend)
2008 Sunny Cheol Sik
2008 The Divine Weapon Pan Soo
2009 Running Turtle Yong Bae
2010 Blades of Blood Noble man Yoo
2011 Battlefield Heroes Kim Heum-Soon
2011 In Love and the War Bong Ki-Reun
2012 Howling (Chief detective)
2012 Over My Dead Body Team leader Jo
2012 Runway Cop Detective Yoo
2012 The Grand Heist Seok Dae-Hyun
2012 Almost Che
So Kyung-Jung
2013 Tough as Iron (Yakuza boss)
2013 The Five Nam Cheol
2014 A Hard Day (Det. Squad Chief)
2014 The Pirates Yong Kap
2015 Enemies In-Law Han Dal-Sik
2016 Tunnel Captain Kang
2016 Duel: The Final Round Elder Hwang
2017 Man of Will
Jo Duk-Pal
2018 The Soup Soon Sik

Shin Jung-Geun’s Drama List

Year Title Role
2009 A Man’s Story (Loan shark)
2009 City Hall Director Ji
2009 Style So Byeong-Shik
2011 Scent of a Woman No Sung-Shik
2013 Drama Special Series Season 3: Sirius Lee Hyun-Koo
2014 Pinocchio Choi Dal-Pyeong
2015 Who Are You: School 2015 (Student Supervisor)
2015 The Time We Were Not in Love Oh Jeong-Geun
2017 Untouchable Yong Hak-Soo
2018 Mr. Sunshine Ah Beom
2018 Encounter Cha Jong-Hyun

Shin Jung-geun’s Running Man Appearance

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After knowing Shin Jung-Geun’s movies and dramas, it’s time to get to know him through variety shows. The best TV show that lets its guests shine is Running Man.

Shin Jung-Geun appeared on Running Man for episodes 111 and 112. Episode 111 was aired on September 16, 2012, and episode 112 was aired on September 23, 2012. However, like most variety shows, Running Man is not a live show. The actual filming dates were on September 3, 2012, and September 4, 2012. Shin Jung-Geun was not the only guest on those episodes. He showed up together with Go Chang-Suk, Im Ha-Ryong, Lee Jong-Won, Son Byong-Ho, and Tae Yeon from Girls’ Generation.

On episode 111, Shin Jung-Geun teams up with Kim Jong-kook, Lee Kwang-soo, and Go Chang-suk to form the Red Team. In that episode, the landmark is the National Maritime Museum. From the very beginning, it is clear that Shin Jung-Geun is an interesting guest to see. In the car, while Jong Kook is explaining things to the guest, Shin Jung-Geun does not look excited at all. He even says, “Are you sure there isn’t going to be something brutal waiting for us? I don’t like amusement parks!” Funnily, later on, they do go to an amusement park. They do a roller-coaster karaoke mission, and when Shin Jung-Geun first sees it, he is so shocked. He even asks, “Is this possible? Shouldn’t we contact our physician first?” And when the production director answered him that it’s very possible, he exclaims that “Variety is like a challenge now!”

In addition, Shin Jung-Geun also hilariously strives for screen-time. During a mission where everyone is competing to see whose shoe can land on a spot, Shin Jung-Geun sings “Traitor Song” and yells, “Will I be on TV?” before kicking his shoe.

On episode 112, the landmark is Moorim P&P Paper Mill, and Shin Jung-Geun teams up with Ha Ha this time, forming the Red Team. The mission for this episode is a name tag elimination. In this episode, Shin Jung-Geun continuously shows his antics.

running man


running man