Singer-Actress Shin Ji-soo’s Life Story: Husband, Movies and TV Shows

Meet Korean Actress Shin Ji-soo

Shin Ji-soo born on October 28th, 1985, is a South Korean singer and actress.  Shin Ji-soo debuted as a child actress and since then she has starred in many television dramas and movies. Shin also became a part of the three-member idol girl group named D.Heaven  and made her debut in 2010, under Yeseong Entertainment. Members of the group were actress Shin Ji-soo, former solo singer Yu Sin, and Pureun. Shin Ji-soo left the group in the second half of 2012 and started working on her solo career. However, she has been mostly loved by viewers for her appearances in various dramas, such as Famous Princesses, Scent of a Woman, and Big, and also the movies The Hero and Red Carpet.

Shin Ji-soo’s Married Life

Shin Ji-soo got married to a famous music composer and audio producer, Lee Ha-yi, who is 4 years older than her. She held a private wedding ceremony on November 3rd, 2017, in a hotel in Seoul. Both were determined to get married after a year of devotion and have been preparing for the wedding ceremony from the second half of 2017. This lovely couple had their sweet honeymoon in Vietnam, last year. Lee Ha-yi is a famous producer and composer who works with the popular singer Park Hyo-sin. He has excellent ability and talent and has produced many domestic and foreign CF songs, such as cosmetics and electronic products.

In January 2018, Shin Ji-soo publicly announced her pregnancy. Shin Ji-soo gave birth to her first child in May. Although her baby was born earlier than the due date, both the mother and daughter were healthy. As seen on her Instagram account, recently she has uploaded many pictures showing her wonderful moments with her daughter.

Shin Ji-soo’s Movies

  • Show Show Show (2003) as School Girl 1 (cameo)
  • The Crescent Moon (2005) as Hwa-yang
  • The Dark Plan of Green Tea Planet (2005) as student
  • Be With Me (2010) as So-yeong
  • The Hero (2013) as Min-hee
  • Red Carpet (2014) as Strawberry

Shin Ji-soo’s TV Shows

  • SBS Virtue (2000) as young Jung Gwi-deok
  • KBS Why Women? (2001)
  • KBS Solitude (2002) as Jo Jung-ah
  • MBC Best Theater “Meet Nana J” (2003) as runaway girl
  • MBC Best Theater “Lee Eung-sung, Hong Se-jin” (2003) as Lee Eun-sung/Hong Se-jin
  • KBS Rose Fence (2003) as Kim Kyung-mi
  • MBC Best Theater “Garibong Ocean’s Eleven” (2005) as Eun-soo
  • KBS Famous Princesses (2006) as Na Jong-chil
  • SBS Thirty Thousand Miles in Search of My Son (2007) as Na Jung-min
  • SBS Jejungwon (2010) as Nang-rang
  • SBS Three Sister (2010) as Park Jin-sook
  • SBS Scent of Woman (2011) as Yang Hee-joo
  • KBS Big (2012) as Lee Ae-kyung
  • SBS Wonderful Mama (2013) as Hee-jin
  • tvN Fantasy Tower (2013) as Park Hyun-jin