Get to Know Shin Hyun-joon and His Wife More!

Shin Hyun-Joon Getting Married

Actor Shin Hyun-Joon changed his status. The actor who played in the drama Ohlala Couple has gotten married.

Shin Hyun-Joon married his fiancé, of Korean descent, who is 12 years younger than him, on May 26th, 2013.

This news has spread to the media on March 16, but then Shin Hyun-Joon confirmed it by posting a status on his Twitter account.

Shin Hyun-Joon’s fiance is in the music field, and the two of them have known each other for a long time.

“I will get married. Now, we will become one, and we will build a happy family, work hard and serve God. Thank you,” Shin Hyun-Joon wrote on his Twitter account.

He also added verses from the Bible. “And Adam said, ‘This is the bone of my bones, and the blood of my blood: She will be called a woman because she was taken from a man. Therefore a man will leave his father and mother and will unite with his wife: and they will become one entity.”

Shin Hyun-Joon made his debut in 1990 with the film titled Son of the General. His name skyrocketed when he took part in the popular drama Stairway to Heaven. Lately, he has been hosting the Entertainment Relay program that airs on the KBS station.

Shin Hyun-Joon Registers His Marriage

Actor Shin Hyun-Joon posted a photo of his wedding invitation and marriage registration.

“We prayed to God and registered our marriage. I love you. We will be happy,” Shin Hyun-Joon wrote on his Twitter account.

Shin Hyun-Joon posted their photo in front of the marriage registration building. They hugged but unfortunately, the bride’s face can’t be seen clearly. She only shows the letter V with her hand indicating their happiness.

Both of them wore black clothes. Shin Hyun-Joon has black glasses and a hat. He hugged his bride and looked very happy.

A while ago, Shin Hyun-Joon posted their pre-wedding photo on his Twitter account. However, he only showed his face with his favorite dog. While the face of his wife still does not appear.

Shin Hyun-Joon also showed his wedding invitation card. They got married at the Grand Hyatt hotel, Seoul, on May 26th. Shin Hyun-Joon’s wife is a Korean-American woman and a musician. She is 12 years younger than him.

Shin Hyun-Joon Admitted Falling In Love At First Sight With His Prospective Wife

Shin Hyun-Joon assured her that he loved his future wife from the very first sight.

“I was entering the building, and suddenly she hit me. I immediately turned around and looked at her, and so did she, vice versa,” Shin Hyun-Joon said when interviewed recently by KBS2 Entertainment Weekly.

“I feel like I’m an old friend of hers,” continued Shin Hyun-Joon.

“I feel I will regret it for the rest of my life if I just let go,” he added.

Recently, manager Shin Hyun-Joon announced that the actor who last played in the drama Ohlala Couple will soon end his bachelor period by marrying a Korean-American girl 12 years younger than him.

Their first meeting took place six months ago, and Shin Hyun-Joon denied that he married his fiance because he was pregnant.

“This is not because she is pregnant. I am old, and my father is sick,” he explained.

Shin Hyun-Joon’s prospective wife has an educational background in music in the United States since she was young.