Get Closer to Shinhwa Member Shin Hye-sung: Profile, Facts, and Love Life

Love Life

Idols are not known to have very public and successful relationships in general, as they are bound by contracts to abide by dating bans and other dating policies. These rules that are made by each individual company differ from group to group, but Shinhwa is known to be the pioneer group from SM Entertainment, such that quite a strict set of rules apply to them. Yet as idols age, they are able to negotiate more humane and considerate contracts that allow for such activities, as reflected in Shin Hye-sung’s and Shinhwa members’ supposed love life and dating history.

Not much is known about Shin Hye-sung’s public romantic relationships as there are close to no reports regarding the matter. Except for one report that managed to reach headlines around the nation regarding one of his ex-girlfriends that show off his private home through pictures posted on her social media. The story broke after the two had broken up, yet as the pictures are left online on an unprotected account, there is a reason for Shinhwa fans to be upset with Shin Hye-sung’s ex-girlfriend.

The pictures above depict the similarities of the background found on Shin Hye-sung’s ex’s pictures and those taken of Shin Hye-sung’s house as part of a variety show Shinhwa had starred in. The suspicions escalated as she started to pick a fight with fans who left comments on her social media account, asking her to be more considerate and understanding of Shin Hye-sung’s career and position. This led to fans getting even more annoyed, although the two had reportedly broken up and were not actively dating anymore.

In regards to dating, marriage, and relationships, Shin Hye-sung has mentioned that he has no thoughts of marriage yet. His statement has been clear and consistent as he had said so since 2012 and continues to do so up until his recent interviews in 2016 and 2017. Furthermore, it seems that he will only marry when someone he feels is the one shows up, unlike other members who are quietly enjoying their exclusive relationships. It is unlikely that he will marry in the near future, it seems.

Plastic Surgery

Beauty is definitely a standard that entertainers in the Korean entertainment industry are very familiar with, especially idols and Shin Hye-sung is not an exception. Shin Hye-sung started out his career with an already charming face, featuring mono lids and a sharp, straight nose. He was said to look like an elf, according to fans, explaining his nickname. Yet as time went by, fans started noticing that his face undergoes transformations little by little. This can be seen by the sudden appearance of aegyo fat and eyelid creases that were previously not there. This sparked numerous murmurs of multiple possible plastic surgery procedures having been done.

As is visible above, the left photo being his former look and the right the supposed post-surgery look, his eyelid creases are more pronounced, his nose bridge is taller and there’s a sudden appearance of aegyo fats under his eyes. These are probably done with non-invasive procedures such as fillers and threading, a familiar procedure to the larger Korean public as it does not take a long time to heal. These procedures are considered as non-invasive due to the fact that they can be done without going fully under the knife and with simple tools such as stitches and injections; procedures that do not need anesthetics and prolonged periods to do.

The changes in his features can also be attributed to aging, as we can see above in the right photo, where Shin Hye-sung appears to also have acquired a few wrinkles here and there. As for the aegyo fats, it could be related to the fact that he is generally gaining a little more weight as he ages, thus the change in body weight also impacts his facial features. There is no conclusive evidence for both assumptions thus, we leave it to you readers, what do you think of Shin Hye-sung’s transforming facial features?