Everything About Shin Hye-sun, Lead Actress of the KBS Drama ‘Angel’s Last Mission: Love’


The Lead Actress of Angel’s Last Mission, Shin Hye-sun

Do you ever watch the KBS TV Show Angel’s Last Mission: Love? If you do, you must be familiar with the beautiful ballerina who doesn’t believe in love. The character is being played by Shin Hye-sun, a 29-year-old South Korean actress. Shin Hye-sun debuted in the KBS drama School in 2013, and her popularity has increased very fast since then.

This time, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of Shin Hye-sun’s full profile and facts, her appearance in some dramas, and so on. Are you curious? Stay tuned!

Full Profile and Facts of Shin Hye-sun


Name: Shin Hye-sun
Hangul: 신혀선
Date of Birth: August 31st, 1989
Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Blood Type: O
Nationality: South Korean
Occupation: actress
Years Active: 2012-present
Agency: YNK Entertainment
Twitter: @tellenths
Instagram: @shinhs831

Fun Facts:

  • Shin Hye-sun has an older sister and a lovely dog.
  • Shin Hye-sun attended the National High School of Traditional Korean Arts and Sejong University (Film Arts).
  • She wanted to act since she was an elementary school.
  • She is very determined regarding her dream.
  • She successfully passed the audition to be cast for a schoolgirl role.

Appearance on the KBS Drama School 2013


School 2013 is a teen drama from South Korea which depicts the struggles of a group of South Korean teens in Victory High School, such as bullying, student suicides, school violence, etc. The story is narrated from the point of view of two teachers played by Jang Na-ra and Choi Daniel.

Shin Hye-sun starred as one of the supporting roles in the drama, which marks her debut in the entertainment industry and the precious first role after which she joined plenty of schoolgirl castings. Shin Hye-sun plays a schoolgirl who has the same name as her. She is Song Ha-gyeong’s friend (played by Park Se-young) with a cheerful personality.

Shin Hye-sun and Sung-hoon’s Romantic Relationship in the Drama Five Enough


Five Enough was aired on KBS2 in February 2016. This time, Shin Hye-sun had the opportunity to play the leading role. She acted as Lee Yeon, an elementary school teacher who is very shy, doesn’t have any confidence, is a practical thinker, and has an ordinary look. She, as the common Korean drama, meets a man who is 100% different from her. He is Kim Sang-min (starred by Sung Hoon), an ex-model which turned into an arrogant golf athlete with a handsome face, of course.

However, the romantic moments between them grow up naturally with some touch of comedies. First, when the drunk Yeon gets in Sang-min’s car which she thinks is the cab, and their phones accidentally swapping. After this awkward moment, their love for one another grows day by day and they become one the funniest and the most natural couples in Korean drama.

Shin Hye-sun and INFINITE L Become a Couple in the Drama Angel’s Last Mission: Love 


Angel’s Last Mission: Love successfully stole the audience’s heart with its unique background story and the chemistry of the cast as well. This drama was aired on KBS2 from May to July 2019. The drama is about a carefree angel who always gets in trouble being given a mission he has to complete in order to be able to come back to heaven. He is asked to find true love for the cold-hearted ballerina but ends up falling in love with her himself.

The carefree angel is played by Kim Myung-soo (or INFINITE L), and Shin Hye-sun is the ballerina. Whoever watches this drama can’t help but be mesmerized with Shin Hye-sun, as she shows her ballet skills professionally after spending 7 months training ballet and also the chemistry between her and Kim Myung-soo. People really hoped that they were going out with each other in real life as well but the relationship between them is only a professional one.

Plastic Surgery Rumor

As usual, celebrities are always being rumored about their visual changes. People are also curious about Shin Hye-sun, has she done any plastic surgery? Let’s see Shin Hye-sun’s transformation from her first role to the recent one:

As you can see, her facial features have not changed at all, just some signs of her maturity vibe and different style. Her unique smile with that cheekbone hasn’t changed at all, also her small nose has stayed the same. She just looks more feminine and mature year by year.