The Latest News of Korean Actress Shim Yi-young: Wedding, Children, etc

Shim Yi-young and Choi Won-young: From On-screen to Off-screen Marriage

Many viewers of romantic television series love shipping the on-screen couple because sometimes their lovely off-screen chemistry is really obvious. Some of the on-screen couples only exist in the drama, but some of them succeed in moving their chemistry into their real lives. One of those couples is Shim Yi-young (born Kim Jin-ah on January 31, 1980), who ended up dating and marrying Choi Won-young, her co-star in the MBC TV series A Hundred Years Inheritance in 2013.

Shim Yi-young herself is a South Korean actress who had already starred in numerous television series and movies, since her debut in 2000, such as the movies BongjaPaju, and Love In Between, as well as television dramas, such as The Sweet Thief and My Husband Got a Family. Let’s find out more about her interesting love life history along with her married life!

Officially Dating

Christmas in 2013 was filled with joy because Shim Yi-young and Choi Won-young confirmed their dating rumor!

The funny thing was that they first met on the set of the television series A Hundred Years Inheritance where they had to act like a married couple and later became a real-life couple. Their agency issued a confirmation statement, “They have been dating since this past June… It is hard to comment [on marriage plans] because no one knows what will happen and it is their private matter… However, the two of them, who are both at the age for marriage, are not dating lightheartedly.”

During their dating days, the couple was captured together on a movie date at the movie theater near Gangnam. They seemed to be very cute, like lovebirds who really love each other. They were also caught going at the same fitness club in Gangnam.

The Church Bells Finally Ringing

On January 16, 2014, Choi Won-young’s agency, Fantagio, shared a super happy news through MBN Star about the couple’s future planning. “The couple will hold their wedding ceremony on February 28. Please watch over their beautiful love,” they said. They also shared another big news, namely that Shim Yi-young was 15 weeks pregnant (at the time)!

The wedding preparations had already started from when Choi Won-young proposed to Shim Yi-young, with a beautiful engagement ring and a letter in December. Also, the couple’s families had already met to discuss the couple’s plans for the future. Their wedding pictorial had already been spread before the wedding. They took the shots on February 6 in a certain studio located a little outside of Seoul. Shim Yi-young and Choi Won-young looked obviously happy and affectionate in their wedding pictorial photos. One of the sources from the photo shoot said, It was a movie-like shoot. The love in their eyes was so beautiful.”

Shim Yi-young and Choi Won-young’s wedding itself was held at Coex Walkerhill Hotel in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on February 28, 2014. They even tied the knot on their wedding with a little blessing inside Shim Yi-young, who was already 21-weeks pregnant at the time. Fellow celebrities, friends, and family were captured attending the wedding ceremony. After the ceremony, they went to Guam for their sweet honeymoon.