Who’s Actor Shim Hyung-tak’s Girlfriend? Here Are His Full Profile and Dating News


Sweet Guy, Shim Hyung-tak is Taken?

For avid viewers of dramas such as Let’s Eat, Persevere Gu Hae-ra, and 20th Century Girl and Boy, Shim Hyung-tak is a familiar face that has graced hours and hours of their time. The actor, who actually started out as a model, is definitely gaining more fans by the day as he continues to star in hard-hitting dramas with high ratings. What people may not know is that the actor has been in and out of relationships throughout his career, something that he talks quite freely about during interviews and shows he has been on.

So are you curious about Shim Hyung-tak and his love life? Let’s take a closer look into his career and relationship history!

Shim Hyung-tak’s Full Profile

Name Shim Hyung-tak
Birth Date January 12th 1978 (40 years old)
Hometown Seocho-gu, Seoul
Height 180.5cm
Weight 72kg
Blood Type B
Family Members Parents, younger sister
Academic Background Seoul Isu Elementary School
Banpo Middle School
Kyungmoon High School
Bachelors Degree from Sangji Youngseo College majoring in Public Administration
Bachelors Degree from University of Suwon majoring in Theater and Film
Dongguk University Graduate School of Journalism (unfinished)
Religion Buddhism
Entertainment Agency GnG Production
Social Media Accounts Cyworld
Ruliweb Mypi
Naver Blog


There’s not much publicly available information about Shim Hyung-tak’s childhood except that he was born and raised in Seoul by both his parents, along with his little sister. He’s extremely close with his family and thankful for the way they have raised him into becoming a very successful individual. He himself can be considered an affectionate and dutiful son, based on the things he’s done for his parents in recent years, such as opening up a restaurant in 2009 as way to situate his parents, who had been out of work. The restaurant gives his parents a way to remain productive and financially independent, and is one way Shim Hyung-tak tries to repay their efforts during his childhood and teen years.

Another anecdote Shim Hyung-tak has shared involves his school years, where he first discovered his love for acting. High school was a really tough time for most people, Shim Hyung-tak included, and he’s said that he was bullied during his school days for not assimilating with the other kids and participating in their bad habits, such as smoking and rebelling, that did not mash well with his personality.

As a result of that, he instead looked for other hobbies to spend time on and rediscovered the love of acting that he had since elementary school. That motivated him to apply for entrance into University of Suwon’s Theatre program soon after graduating from his bachelor’s program in Sangji Youngseo College.

Shim Hyung-tak is also known for his love of animation and manga, something else that he took up after being bullied in school. These animated characters made him happy and provided relief from all the negativity he received at school. His favorite animation is Doraemon and he has plenty of merchandise and goods to prove it.

Shim Hyung-tak’s Career

When he was in college, some colleagues helped Shim Hyung-tak begin to work as a model, but he didn’t prosper in the field since he’s considered quite short for models walking the runway. He told the story once, of going from agency to agency with his portfolio and no-one wanting to sign him. When he couldn’t make it as a model, he went back to college to study acting, and finally debuted as an actor in 2001.

His first job as an actor was to star in As One’s music video for the single You’re Welcome, and it definitely put his name out there. By 2002, he got a starring role in the drama Reservation for Love that aired on MBC. His big break, however, finally arrived in 2010, when he starred as one of the series regulars on the drama God of Study, along with big names such as Go Ah-sung, Yoo Seung-oh and Bae Doo-na. This became a stepping-stone for him, as his name is recognized alongside those that are starring in this hit TV series, which is full of fresh and undiscovered talents. He then went on to star in more dramas such as Let’s Eat and High School King Savvy, all hit titles under the broadcasting station, TVN.

Recently, he’s mainly focused on starring in non-primetime weekday night dramas that are slotted on Monday and Tuesday nights such as My Sassy Girl, Man in The Kitchen and Nice Witch. He still has not earned himself the titular or leading roles in any of his projects, but he is well on his way to doing so as he has also branched out to doing movies and plays, as well. Hopefully in the near future he will score himself a leading role.