Who’s Actor Shim Hyung-tak’s Girlfriend? Here Are His Full Profile and Dating News

Shim Hyung-tak is an Otaku?

As mentioned before, Shim Hyung-tak is a big fan of animation, Japanese ones in particular. He’s really liked the character Doraemon since he was a child, and has all kinds of memorabilia related to the character, ranging from plushies to the more unusual patterned boxers.


His obsession started during his school days, when he was using it  to cope with bullying, but continued on to his adult life. He kept all these characters dear to him and treats them with all the care that he has. As it has helped him to deal with the toughest experiences, it remains something that he enjoys even now. Recently, he has even showed off his goods and toys during an episode of I Live Alone, cementing his image as an otaku.


Some might worry that his interest in animation might interfere with his love life, but Shim Hyung-tak says that it’s nothing to worry about. He says that the two actually complement each other, since it gives him a way to meet potential partners who share a common interest with him. He believes it’s a hobby he can share with his romantic partner, instead of something that can hinder romantic interest to swarm him.

Shim Hyung-tak’s Dating History

Shim Hyung-tak has always been very open about his romantic relationships, although he never talks about one until it’s over. Previously, he has admitted to dating two of his costars from the dramas they have starred in, of course not at the same time, but the revelation itself is a display of his openness about dating in general. He mentioned before that he really loved his exes, and has even gotten to the point where he bought one of them a bag priced at 4 million Won.

There has been no particular news about the identities of his ex, but he did mention traits he look for in his ideal type. Shim Hyung-tak said that he is attracted to women who are rather petite, standing at around 158cm as it is seems to be the perfect hug from where he stands at 180cm. He also likes women who are cute, which seems to be the perfect image for a petite women. He mentions that at that height and with that image that would be the perfect height to side hug them without having to life his arms. His previous girlfriend was also around said height, standing at only 147cm.

Shim Hyung-tak’s Projects

Television Series

Year Title Role Network
2002 Reservation for Love Shin Jae-won MBC
To Be With You Park Joon-ho KBS1
Rustic Period Jung Woon-kyung SBS
Lunch Lovers Jung-hoo MBC
2003 Drama City “Terrible Love” Lee Kyu KBS2
Escape from Unemployment Namgoong Hyuk SBS
2004 Snow White: Taste Sweet Love CEO Joo KBS2
Drama City “Storm” Do-il
2007 Drama City “Watch for the Angel!” Oh Ryu
Even So Love Yoon Seok-bin MBC
2008 The Secret of Coocoo Island Shim Hyung-tak
Love Is Delicious Kim Jong-hyun OCN
2009 The Road Home Yoo Min-soo KBS1
Hometown Legends “The Masked Ghost” Ah-saeng KBS2
2010 Master of Study Jang Young-sik
Three Sisters Park Woo-chan SBS
2011 I Trusted Him Lee Sun-woo MBC
A Thousand Kisses Park Tae-kyung
Brain Jo Dae-sik KBS2
2012 Welcome Rain to My Life Lee Seung-joo SBS
My Daughter Seo-young Choi Kyung-ho KBS2
2013 Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek Representative Ahn (cameo)
Good for You Lee Seon-nam MBC
Let’s Eat Kim Hak-moon tvN
2014 Can We Fall in Love, Again? Han Joon-mo jTBC
Drama Special “Bomi’s Room” Kim Heung-sik KBS2
High School King of Savvy Jung Soo-young’s friend
(cameo, episode 16)
Apgujeong Midnight Sun Baek Young-joon MBC
2015 Persevere, Gu Hae-ra Tae-poong/Go Oh-hwan Mnet
Miss Mamma Mia Na Woo-jin/Kevin Edwards KBS Drama
Legendary Witches young Ma Tae-san (cameo) MBC
Divorce Lawyer in Love Bong Min-gyu SBS
2016 Five Enough Lee Ho-tae KBS2
Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight Professor (cameo) tvN
2017 My Sassy Girl Choon-poong/Prince Eun-sung SBS
Man Who Sets the Table Go Jung-do MBC
20th Century Boy and Girl Terius/Jung Chang-hoon (cameo)
2018 Nice Witch Chae Kang-min SBS


Year Title Role
2004 Doll Master Tae-seong
2005 Love in Magic (cameo)

Variety Shows

Year Title Network Notes
2009 My Daughter’s Man MBC
2010 Star Golden Bell KBS2
Flower Bouquet MBC
Let’s Go! Dream Team KBS2
2012 Star Love Village SBS Cast member
2015 Some Guys, Some Girls SBS Cast member
Turn to the King Ongamenet
Law of the Jungle (TV series) SBS Cast Member
Mari and I JTBC Cast Member
Infinite Challenge MBC Episode 449-451
2016 Battle Trip KBS2 Contestant with Lee Jae-hoon, Ep2-3

Music Videos

Year Song Title Artist
2001 “You’re Welcome” As One
2005 “여기까진가요” Flower
“Goodbye My Love” Lee Soo-young
2015 “Team Never Stop” One Candle feat. Shim Hyung-tak


Year Title Role
2010-2011 Music in My Heart Jang Jae-hyuk