She’Z’s Seyeon’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Marriage, Etc.

She'Z Seyeon

Learn More About She’Z’s Lead Vocalist and Rapper Kim Se-yeon

Have you ever imagined the life of a K-pop idol when their career journey has ended and they don’t continue their career as entertainers anymore? The same thing happened to She’Z’s members who decided to become non-celebrities after the group that popularized “She’z Holic” and debuted on May 17, 2012, disbanded.

In this article, there’s detailed information about one of the members of She’Z, Kim Se-yeon, who is now a non-celebrity and has become the mother of a daughter. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out about She’Z’s Seyeon starting from her full profile, fun facts, marriage news, until her latest news in the article below!

She’Z’s Seyeon’s Full Profile

She'Z Seyeon

Real Name: Kim Seyeon (Hangul: 김세연)

Stage Name: Seyeon (Hangul: 세연)

Birth: June 11, 1991

Star Sign: Gemini

Height: 167 cm (5’6″)

Position in the Group: Lead Vocalist, Rapper

Official Site:

Fun Facts About She’Z’s Seyeon

She'Z Seyeon
  1. She’Z’s Seyeon has a blog on Naver named MODERN CHOICE
  2. She’Z’s Seyeon is now married and has a daughter
  3. She’Z’s Seyeon used to be an ulzzang during her pre-debut era, and her selcas from her high school days look like actress Kim Ha-neul

She’Z’s Seyeon’s Visual

She'Z Seyeon

K-pop idols are usually chosen to debut with certain standards. Their skills and visuals are the main and most important reasons because they have to look professional and look beautiful on stage. Likewise with She’Z’s Seyeon who is known as an ulzzang and successfully debuted as a K-pop idol.

Let’s get to know She’Z’s Seyeon’s visual in the session below!

She'Z Seyeon

During her debut era, many netizens on online communities discussed how beautiful She’Z’s Seyeon was before she debuted. Some commented that her visual is really similar to Korean actress Kim Ha-neul. The highlight of She’Z’s Seyeon’s beauty is her sweet smile with her big eye shape and natural eyelids. She looked beautiful since her pre-debut!

She'Z Seyeon

It turned out that she really shone on stage as a K-pop idol. She’Z had a very fresh concept and amazed many people because they looked sporty and energetic at the same time while performing.

As you can see from the picture above, She’Z’s Seyeon looked beautiful in a black and yellow mini dress coupled with a bun hairstyle that gave a cute impression but also gave fresh vibes at the same time.

She'Z Seyeon

In the picture above, you can see clearly She’Z’s Seyeon’s natural beauty with her brown hair and bangs which became her iconic style during her promotion era with the group. She reflects the aura of a shining idol and also has a unique eye smile. Not only that but She’Z’s Seyeon also has a slim body just like a professional model.

She'Z Seyeon

Her stylists also did their best to choose the best outfit for She’Z’s Seyeon. As you can see from the picture above, she looks really stylish with a red vest and leggings with an abstract pattern with feminine colors. The mix-and-match style from top to bottom on She’Z’s Seyeon in this picture looks really well with her image as a K-pop idol, right?

She'Z Seyeon

The picture above is a new appearance from She’Z’s Seyeon that she uploaded on Instagram in October 2021. Even though she married in 2017 and gave birth to her first daughter, She’Z’s Seyeon still looks like a teenager, right? She still looks very suitable with her stylish outfit and looks like a young mother in the picture above. Do you think that She’Z’s Seyeon slightly also looks like Red Velvet’s Yeri in this new picture?

What do you think about She’Z’s Seyeon’s visual?

She’Z’s Seyeon’s Marriage

She'Z Seyeon

Kim Seyeon, a former member of the girl group She’Z, got married, but the public was late to know the news. According to an acquaintance on July 11, 2017, She’Z’s Seyeon announced a wedding ceremony at a hotel wedding hall in Gangnam, Seoul, on July 8, 2017. The groom is known as an office worker and is as tall and handsome as a celebrity.

Where Is She’Z’s Seyeon Now?

She'Z Seyeon

She’Z’s Seyeon debuted in a four-member girl group in 2012 after graduating from the Department of Applied Music at Seoul Institute of the Arts. Although they were recognized for their singing abilities as a group that put vocals ahead of performance, they did not stand out much.

After the release of “Another Day Is Passing” in May 2014, She’Z was not active anymore. Their exclusive contract with Line Entertainment, which debuted them, had also expired. She’Z wasn’t active anymore for about 3-4 years and hasn’t released any singles or promoted anything so far. The group was probably disbanded in 2016.

She'Z Seyeon

Besides that, the members are currently living their lives as non-celebrities just like Kim Seyeon who now lives as a mother and wife. You can also check out her official Instagram account to keep updated about her daily activities and work. Don’t forget to send positive comments only through Kim Seyeon’s social media and hope for the best for her little family!

Well, that is all of the information about She’Z’s Seyeon and everything you should know about her. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another upcoming article from Channel-Korea!