Find Out More About Girl Group She’Z: Profile, Discography, Stage Performances, Latest News


The Four-Member Girl Group She’Z

She’z was one of the girl groups which formed under Line Entertainment in 2012. All of the members were famously known for their amazing vocal skills, which made people acknowledge their talents as well. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed explanation of everything about She’z, so keep on scrolling down!


She’Z’s Group Profile


She’z was famously known as a girl group that formed under Line Entertainment. The group consisted of Jina (Leader, Vocalist), Taeyeon (Vocalist), Seyeon (Vocalist), and Jiyoung (Vocalist, Maknae). She’z officially made their debut on May 17th, 2012, by releasing their debut single titled “My Way”, and performing the single as their debut performance on M! COUNTDOWN. For their genre, She’z emphasized the mixture of dance-pop and K-Pop music.

She’z official websites:

Twitter: @OFFICIAL_Shez

YouTube: ShezVEVO

Daum Café: Shez0519

She’z Discography


Extended Plays and Single Albums

Title Album Details
Night and Day Release Date: June 25th, 2012

Label: Line Entertainment

Format: CD, Digital download

She’z Love Sick Release Date: September 21st, 2012

Label: Line Entertainment

Format: CD, Digital download



Year Title Album
2012 My Way Night and Day
2012 Night and Day Night and Day
2012 UU She’z Love Sick
2013 Why Am I Like This? Non-album singles
2013 That’s Why It Hurts Non-album singles
2014 The Song the Wind Sings Non-album singles
2014 Another Day is Passing Non-album singles

She’z “My Way” Music Video


In the “My Way” music video, She’z emphasized the visualization as well as simplicity when it came to the dance moves of each of the members. For its concept, the music video was using a mixture of colorful and 90s vibes which were portrayed through She’z members’ outfits and the decoration stage as well.


One of the highlighted scenes of “My Way” was the one with the photobooth theme. Each of the She’z members made their pose in a huge polaroid print which formed a photobooth place, and it looked extremely adorable.

Watch the full “My Way” music video, here:

She’z “My Way” Lyrics Meaning


Let’s find out more about the single “My Way”. From the translation of the lyrics, we can see that “My Way” is narrated about a girl who has strong confidence in herself. She would go on her ‘own way’ to get everything, and the same also applied when it came to a relationship. There is no hesitation, and somehow “My Way” also delivers a message for every girl to always be confident in herself, and show people who they truly are.

Some of the lyrics are also beautifully written as, “I speak however I want, however I feel, if you don’t like that, don’t even look at me,” or also, “I’ll show myself to all of you, just as I am, feels me right.” The lyrics are also suitable with the cheerful melody and up-beat music of “My Way”. Such a meaningful song, right?

She’z Stage Performances


Music Shows

She’z performed the single “Day and Night” in their live stage performance on Music Core. All of the members appeared in blue and white outfits which emphasized their feminine style which were suitable with the “Day and Night” calm melody as well. There weren’t any dance moves, and people could focus on their voices only.

She’z managed to prove that their incredible voices could be heard either during a live stage or in a CD mixtape. Although She’z members had differences in their vocal characteristics, they also completed their harmonization while performing together. The fans also thought that their voices were something hypnotizing that made you easily fall for their charms.

The hit single “My Way” was also performed by She’z on Music Bank. The girls appeared in striped blue and white outfits. Once they appeared on the stage, the crowds started to get really loud. From the “My Way” performance, people could see the mixture of powerful dance moves as well as stable vocal skills which made the She’z performance look even more amazing. When it came to high notes, they definitely slayed the performance.

In the “UU” live performance, She’z made an adorable performance. With all-white outfits and a cute concept, She’z made the crowds really excited with the mixture of cheerful music and an adorable performance. Not only She’z members’ vocal skills were apparent, but all of the members also danced energetically with a bunch of back dancers behind them.

Interview with She’z


As one of the K-Pop celebrities, She’z have been involved in a lot of interviews. Through the interviews, people could find out more about them, especially their avid fans. One of the interviews also happened with Maxim magazine, and they chose She’z as one of their ‘Goddess Discovery Project’ at that time.

When She’z made their interview session with Maxim magazine, the members expressed their goals as a K-Pop vocal group. Later on, they revealed that She’z is a vocal group that hopes to become one of the greatest vocal groups in the future.


Aside from that, She’z also revealed that the vocal group Big Mama was one of their role models as well as an inspiration. Then, the girls talked about the concept of their single “UU” which is quite different from their previous single, “My Way”. In “UU”, She’z made sexier outfits with a mini-dress and high heels which made their style look chic.

She’z Disbandment


She’z managed to establish their popularity from their very first debut. Unfortunately, their journey didn’t last that long. After several years of pursuing a career in the K-Pop music industry, the group was nowhere to be found. Previously, She’z were still active by releasing music, and their latest project was marked by the single “Another Day is Passing” which was released in 2014.


There has been no official statement regarding their disbandment, but it has been assumed that She’z have probably disbanded in 2016. It seemed like all of the members decided to each take their own path. Jiyoung and Taeyeon (currently known as Yeoniel) are known as solo artists, Seyeon reportedly has gotten married and has had a child, while Jina seems to have continued her activities in the entertainment industry as well.

That’s it for today’s article about She’z! Although the group has been probably disbanded, their music and their talents are something unforgettable. Let’s keep supporting all of the She’z members in their future careers.

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