The Many Shades of BTS’ Hair Colors Through the Years, Which Is Your Favorite?

2018: Fake Love

All of the member still had the same dark hair color, with a little bit of difference for the concept teaser picture, but in the Fake Love music video there are some differences in hair color, and especially the hairstyles.

Jin: Brown hair in a messy, wavy style. His bangs are also wavy and partly cover his right eye.

Suga: Black with brown highlights, color-wise.  For the style, it was wavy/curly hair with a part. This kind of hairstyle were popular back the in the ’90s era.

J-hope: Dark brown hair with purple highlights at the sides of his hair. Our Sunshine’s hair is in a shaggy cut, with a layered effect that added some elegant vibes and added some volume.

RM: black hair for the concept picture photo and dark brown hair with a fluffy hairstyle. Why do we call it fluffy? it’s because his hair looked thick and had some volume, even thought it was a little bit messy and wavy.

Jimin: Chim Chim”s hair color was similar to a calico cat, with the base color being black, but having some orange highlights. For his style, it was basic, free hair, there is a part from the MV where Jimin’s hair was using a comma technique.

V: Brown with some black shades. This is Tae Tae’s popular mullet. This style was really matches V’s bad boy aura, don’t you think?

Jungkook: Still with his black hair. For his hairstyle, he had a comma haircut, which is a hairstyle where the front of his hair is bending.

2018: Idol

Jin: Finally, after two years of being blonde, Jin makes his comeback in the Idol era~! His hairstyle is almost the same as it was for Fire, but in some scenes his forehead was invisible because there was o lift in his bangs..

Suga: Rather dyed it too bright a color, August D chose a deep maroon shade, instead. His bangs are slightly parted, and in some scenes his hair looked almost candy apple red.

J-hope: He’s rocking that black color and some comma hair. His bangs were parted a bit to the right.

RM: He chose an ash grey, with a hint of blue in some parts of the music video. His hairstyle was basically parted bangs (there is a scene where his bangs are parted in the middle).

Jimin: We can’t distinguish it clearly, but the color looks like a mixture of light brown with ash grey, there are also a few hints of dark blonde. In some parts of the music video his hair was parted wide, so we can clearly see his forehead, and the parts of the front and sides that were brushed back were left a bit messy. The other parts of the style were more to straight and sleek, his bangs were almost below his eyes.

V: He kept the sides of his hair longer this time, and dyed it in shades of blonde and bubblegum pink. Through the Idol music video his hair was shown in different styles including straight, waxy, and parted. He even tied up the front of his hair in a mini ponytail.

Jungkook: As we all know, that golden maknae always uses darker tones to color his hair, but this time he finally changed his color to a brighter one — red, with a few blonde highlights! For the style, he’s got parted bangs which there are one with half of his hair was brushed to the left side more and some scenes are equally parted.

That’s all the BTS hair color collection that we have, so what is your favorite hair color for each member? Make sure you choose it wisely!