The Many Shades of BTS’ Hair Colors Through the Years, Which Is Your Favorite?

2017: Spring Day and Not Today

Jin: That brown color, because it’s one of Jin’s for sure. He had a classic BTS hairstyle but his bangs were cut straight above the eyebrows (choppy bangs) and in some scenes, in the Spring Day music video, Jin’s hair was parted. For Not Today his color is the same as Spring Day, but his hair was always parted.

Suga: Black, with slight blue highlights. He was still going with his messy hairstyle in this era.

J-Hope: There are two tones of hair color for our Sunshine in this era, pink and grey. On Not Today, he was wearing a cap with his bangs brushed to the side of his face.

RM: The leader was sporting purple hair (or, as ARMY says, it’s Grape Mon) and this time with no undercuts at all. His hair is still pretty short, but not enough to call it an undercut. He had straight, parted bangs in the Spring Day music video. It was the same color for Not Today, but his hair was parted and they brushed it upwards just like in Blood Sweat and Tears (but now is longer), he was also wearing a bandana.

Jimin: The mochi has pink hair with a two blocks haircut. In Not Today, his hairstyle was parted, but messier.

V: Sleek, light brown hair, his wore hair were naturally loose and in some particular scenes he was wearing a winter hat. But on the Not Today music video he wears a bandana.

Jungkook: He has the same color and hairstyle as V (but minus the hat). For Not Today, the hair stylist parted his hair and made it messier.

2017: BTS – Highlight Reel

They particularly had basic hair colors, such as black and brown. Their hairstyles were also similar to each other, only one of them had parted hair or bangs in the poster teaser and some scenes, but for V, his hair was black on the top and brown underneath.

2017: DNA

Jin: Black hair has made a comeback again~! The style went back to the basic Korean teenager style.

Suga: He had a bold, blue color in a bright teal shade this time. This reminded us of his hair in the Run era, when it was that mint color, don’t you think?

J-hope: Red, but a little brownish, too, on the concept trailer picture. Because of the warm and cozy shade, it makes his skin look even more glowing. On the DNA music video his hair color was more of a bright red. The style was a copper cropped cu,t which gives us pumpkin spice vibes.

RM: Our dearest leader was trying a new color, for a second the color looked like rose gold, if more on the orange side, but actually this time it was a strawberry blonde shade. His hair was styled so his bangs were half-parted, so we could see his gorgeous forehead. This is the first time RM had a style with the same hair volume as the rest of members of BTS(where he’s usually the one who only had an undercut).

Jimin: A little bit of a darker blonde, his hairstyle during the jacket photoshoot and Serendipity music video are the same (a wavy but still in neat style), but on the DNA music video his hair was styled to look more curly and messy.

V: It was a light brown for our Tae Tae, with bangs that were slightly parted. It was allowed to grow longer than the other eras, but on the DNA music video his hair color changed into ash grey and silver shades.

Jungkook: He had the same hair color as Taehyung. He wore it in quite a messy style, especially on the sides, and had slightly parted bangs.

2017: Mic Drop ft. Steve Aoki

Jin: Still wearing black hair, but sleeker, his hairstyle in some parts of the MV has his bangs brushed to the left of his face and in other parts it was evenly parted hair, also showing the holy forehead (sometimes he would wear a bandana during live performances).

Suga: The blue color has faded and has been replaced with silver hair. The hairstyle had parted bangs, and he was wearing a bandanna in the MV and during his live performance.

J-hope: He still has the same color as in DNA. For most of the music video he was wearing a bandana plus a bucket hat, so we can’t get a good look at how his hair was styled, but when he opened it, his bangs were usually parted. In one scene where he’s not wearing the bucket hat, his hair was kind of curly and had some little braids on it.

RM: for the leader, his color was blonde mixed with orange and peach. His hairstyle was the same as he had during the Mic Drop original version. It was curly all over, and stiff, which made him look a little like a cute hedgehog.

Jimin: He had the same hair color as he had in DNA, but darker this time. In some scenes, his hair was really sleek and looked wet, with parted bangs that were about eye-length.

V: Dark brown hair, with his bangs widely parted, and he also wears a bandanna on the music video or on live performance.

Jungkook: Black hair with slightly parted bangs and a semi-messy hairstyle.


2018: Euphoria – Theme of: Love Yourself Wonder

Basically all of them had the same hair color, black, and only their hairstyles are different from each other, and even then, not much different.