The Many Shades of BTS’ Hair Colors Through the Years, Which Is Your Favorite?

2014: War of Hormone

Jin: This Worldwide Handsome guy has a cute, brown, fluffy and slight curly look. His bangs are also quite long here.

Suga: Hair color and style are the same as in Danger, but his bangs already grew out a bit, and he was wearing a hat in the music video..

J-Hope: The color he had here was a dark red, with a messy hairstyle. His bangs were cut straight. Our sunshine had a mischievous look in this era, don’t you think so?

RM: For the jacket concept photoshoot his base hair color was blonde and they dyed some of the ends a light pink color, but on the War of Hormone music video the pink shade was gone. For his hairstyle, he still had undercuts that looked good on him, and on the MV the hairstylist brought all of his hair on one side, but it still looked pretty natural.

Jimin: A dark brown color, with bangs that were cut shorter than his eyebrows. On the music video his hair was messy and part of the hair on each side of his head stuck out, which make it look messier.

V: Taehyung got back his purple hair! But this time it was more of a lavender color with white/grey highlights. His hairstyle was parted in front with a puffy/fluffy effect.

Jungkook: Black color with a parted hairstyle that covered his eyebrows. The bottom was shorter than the top and brushed to give it a cute kind of puffy/fluffy effect, like V’s.

2015: I Need U

Jin: A new color hair for him! It was brown and a little bit of greenish, and styled with long bangs. He looked more like an ordinary Korean teenager (actually J-Hope, V and Jungkook had the same kind of hairstyle, only in different colors).

Suga: His hair color in this era was always changing. For example, first, on the concept photo, he has an orange color, but then on the music video, live performance it would be pink, and on the Japanese version of I Need U, his hair looks almost white with some light pink/lavender highlights. For the style he had slightly messy hair with some bangs that partially covered his eyebrows.

J-hope: Same hairstyle as Jin, but in black.

RM: Guess what, RM has a blonde hair with an undercut again! This time he doesn’t use any gel at all, his hair was left loose naturally and RM’s bangs are little above his eyebrows.

Jimin: Brown hair with a messier hairstyle than Jin, J-hope,V and Jungkook.

V: Same, ordinary Korean-teenager hairstyle, but his color is the same as J-hope’s.

Jungkook: Ordinary, Korean-teenager hairstyle, but in brown.

2015: Dope

Jin: Comeback with his natural hair color, black, with a part, and the right side is brought to the side of the head.

Suga: A light blonde with a two blocks cut. The long part of his hair isn’t smooth, but not messy either, and for the bangs aren’t cut utterly straight, they also covered his eyebrows.

J-hope: Light brown color and a two blocks haircut, with bangs that were cut in an angle.

RM: He was wearing a cap during entire of the music video, but when he takes it off (especially while performing the song Life) you could see that he now has light brown hair with an undercut. The hair, which had some longer parts (the top one), is really short and his small, cute bangs were cut straight.

Jimin: Bright red hair, his style was a two blocks cut with wavy, parted hair again. It has more volume than the one in Danger era.

V: Brown, with just a little, cute curl. His bangs were longer than his eyebrows.

Jungkook: On the concept picture teaser we could see the golden magnae of BTS had black hair, but it turned out to be reddish kind of purple (especially during live performance). His hair was parted, and the left side of his hair was brought to the side of his head.

2015: Run

Jin: Brown color, but this time it’s lighter than in  the N.O. era

Suga: It’s a new hair color for suga! This time his hair was mint! For the style, it was messy, with a two block cut and his bangs were covering his eyebrows.

J-hope: Brown hair with bangs that cover his eyebrows, it was also often brushed to one side of his face.

RM: We welcome you, Pink Mon~! The leader’s hairstyle was particularly the same as in the I Need U era, but for the Japanese version, he had a blonde hair color.

Jimin: A bright orange, with a parted hairstyle. It was also cut with two blocks, and the longer part of his hair was kinda wavy.

V: Had light brown hair with green streaks (two tone color). His bangs were the longest hair on his entire head, and covered his eyebrows.

Jungkook: Dark brown (with a touch of black) and that ordinary Korean-teenager hairstyle like in the I Need U era, but with a part.

2016: Fire and Save Me

Jin: Say goodbye to black and brown hair! We welcome the blonde Jin for the first time! It’s styled with parted hair and the biggest point is slightly brushed upwards. On the Save Me music video, he wears a cap.

Suga: A grey color with a two block haircut plus bangs that cover his eyebrows. It’s the exact same as during the Run era, but styled with some of his hair is sticking out, making it look messier. It’s not a parted style, but we all can still see his precious forehead. In this era, some of the ARMY calls him “Grandpa Yoongi” because of the hairstyle.

J-hope: Light brown hair with straight bangs cut at the level of his eyebrows. Hobi’s hair looked surprisingly slick during the music video (in the Fire MV, all the members have messy hair).

RM: Light green hair. The top part of his hair was very short, compared to his previous hairstyle. For the Save Me music video, he wore a cap.

Jimin: Black haired Park Jimin made a comeback for you all~! He wore a parted hairstyle for the Fire MV, but on the Save Me MV he has bangs that sometimes can seem to be shorter or longer, depending on how he brushed it.

V: His hair was an orange/pink color in the concept picture teaser, but on the music video his hair color was red, instead. A messy haircut with bangs at the level of his eyebrows.

Jungkook: The bunny-like maknae had brown hair with a two blocks haircut and the top was layered. His bangs covered his eyebrows and were brushed to one side of his face.

2016: Wings – Short Films

Jin: Jin was rocking some sleek, greenish hair. His bangs were level with his eyebrows and brushed to the left side of his face.

Suga: It looked like he was wearing a light brown color, but since the lighting on the short film video was frequently changing, we aren’t quite sure about it. For the hairstyle, it was messy and his bangs were lower than the eyebrows.

J-hope: Orange hair color for him these time. His hairstyle was usual Korean boy and not parted at all.

RM: Blonde, but really short hair here. the sides are shorter than the top, but not shaved.

Jimin: We didn’t know the exact name of his hair color, but then we found out that it was a shade of blonde called “cafe au lait”. The front was parted and pushed to the sides of his face.

V: Some dark brown, sleek hair with two blocks cut. His bangs are cut straight and fell below his iconic eyebrows.

Jungkook: A brown hair color with a straight, neat hairstyle that made him look like coconut, but don’t worry he was still handsome.

2016: Blood, Sweat and Tears

Jin: Had short hair with a pink color. We all can see a little of his forehead because of the parted hairstyle. What surprised us was the bangs were as short as the rest (because we usually see him with longer bangs when the hair is being parted)

Suga: In the rap parts of the music video his had a sleek brown color, but rest of the music video scenes it was black with a messy hairstyle, his bangs were covering his eyebrows and often were brushed to one side.

J-hope: He had the same orange hair he had in the Wings short film, but his hairstyle was different. In here, Hobi hair was in two blocks cut, parted in the middle so they fell equally on each side of his face. The hair under the top of his head (mostly the sides) is significantly shorter than the top.

RM: This time he was given short, green hair. It was also the first time his hair was parted, but we can see almost no bangs for him. Some little bits were covering his forehead and were brushed to the sides and upwards, and the sides of his head are shaved.

Jimin: Hairstyle? We named it “Prince of Busan” instead, want to know why? it was because his hair was parted and the bigger side (the one that has more hair volume) is slightly brought up into the side of his head, giving it more volume (looks like two blocks cut, too). This made Jimin look a lot like a prince charming in real life.

V: He had light, honey blonde hair. His hair was shorter than usual and his bangs were on the long side, covering his eyebrows.

Jungkook: Exactly the same as in the Wings short film; a coconut hairstyle.