The Many Shades of BTS’ Hair Colors Through the Years, Which Is Your Favorite?

2014: Danger

Jin: He had dark purple hair (a little bit of reddish too), and the hairstyle is divided in front in two parts placed on each left and right side of his face, framing it and exposing all of his precious forehead.

Suga: This time he was wearing dark red hair with jagged bangs, the stylist also cut certain locks on the back of his head making it look chunky.

J-Hope: Had a dark auburn color, with parted hair. Some locks were spiked out a little.

RM: He had blonde hair that was undercut in the back, but this time the hair stylist only slicked back the hair on his right side and he had a sort of pompadour-mohawk look.

Jimin: His hair was light brown, with bangs cut straight above his eyebrows plus he was wearing caps in the dance sequence. For the rest (including Japanese version), Jimin has messy brown hair and the front was basically a wave bringing the hair to one side of his face to to make his forehead appear.

V: Had black hair with a little brown mixed in, and had the same hairstyle as Jimin (on the dance parts), sometimes wearing caps and sometimes without caps.

Jungkook: He had a sleek, black color. Bangs are cut with a slight angle.