The Many Shades of BTS’ Hair Colors Through the Years, Which Is Your Favorite?

2014: Boy in LUV

Jin: Has a similar color and haircut as during No More Dream era, however, he changed it up on the music video. On the MV they took one side of his bangs, lifted it up a bit and swept it all on the opposite side of his face so we could see his forehead.

Suga: He was still wearing the same color and cut he had in N.O., but minus the bandana and with different bangs. It was shorter than before, and looked a little bit arched and revealed a bit of his forehead (but not much).

J-hope: Had a layer of color on the top, but this time it was light brown, with a two-block haircut. His bangs are often was brushed to the right.

RM: A light ash color with an undercut hairstyle. In the music video, the top of his hair was a lot flatter and everything was slicked back.

Jimin: Black, messy hair. Little bits of hair pretty much everywhere, especially when he’s dancing and the bangs are cut with a slight angle.

V: A bright orange colored, parted hairstyle similar to Jin but less forehead.

Jungkook: His hair was dyed a dark shade of red (or dark purple), with layered haircut starting from the middle of his head. His bangs are brushed to his left side.