The Many Shades of BTS’ Hair Colors Through the Years, Which Is Your Favorite?

Meet The Phenomenal Boy Group BTS!

As we all know, BTS is a hot trend and has also become the best-known K-pop group worldwide. Debuting back in 2013, this group has been through a lot of things, including some hardships, but these guys somehow never give up, and keep getting better year by year. All that hard work is what made their current success possible.

BTS is an inspiration to people around the world, and some idols have taken BTS as their role model. The members of the group aren’t regular idols anymore, now they deserve to be called artists and influential musicians.

It’s not just their music and great live performances that get a lot of attention from the public, but also their style, especially with regard to hair color. So today’s topic is a hair color compilation from each BTS comeback era, get ready to choose which one is your favorite!

BTS Members’ Hair Colors and Styles

2013: No More Dream and We Are Bulletproof pt.2

Jin: Brown hair in a casual, messy style. The style can change a bit, depending on how he brushes it. The bangs can be above his eyebrows or a bit lower (like in the picture below).

Suga: He also rocks a casual, messy style, but goes for black, not brown hair. The rapper, who was known for his gummy smile, always wears a beanie like 24 Hours (but we can see his lovely forehead).

J-Hope: Black hair, with an American cut, exposing his precious forehead. He also wears some caps in the We Are Bulletproof pt.2 music video.

RM: Black hair cut in a mohawk that obviously shows his forehead.  There are three lines shaved into the shorter hair on each side of his head.

Jimin: A dark brown color, with slight messy hairstyle with longish bangs. He was wearing a cap in No More Dream and We Are Bulletproof pt.2.

V: Taehyung dyed his hair two different colors: black on the sides and a medium blonde on the top. His had two blocks haircut.

Jungkook: Black hair and had the same messy hairstyle as Suga, with bangs covering his eyebrows.

2013: N.O

Jin: Brown color with medium straight bangs, and shorter bits of hair on top of their heads (apparently J-Hope and V had the same hairstyle too)

Suga: Light brown hair, with slightly curled sideburns, he also wore a bandanna around his head and tied it in the front. This is Suga’s most iconic hairstyle, also known as “A Wealthy Houswife”.

J-hope: He had black hair, but otherwise it was pretty much the same style as Jin — that is medium straight bangs with shorter bits of hair on top of their head.

Jimin: A dark brown color and sleek style that was almost smooth as his skin! And unlike the previous era, his bangs are clean (the bottom is a perfect straight line) which makes him look like a coconut. But it’s okay Jimin, you still look good with that hair!

V: Taehyung had purple hair with the exact same style as Jin and J-hope.

Jungkook: Jungkook’s hair color is still black, and the hairstyle is the same as it was when they released the previous albums, No More Dream and We Are Bulletproof pt.2