The ‘Sha Sha Sha’ Phenomenon: Learn More About Twice’s Sana’s Famous Line From ‘Cheer Up’

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Sana’s “Sha Sha Sha” is taking the K-pop World by Storm

Are you wondering what exactly “Sha Sha Sha” means? And why is it becoming so viral? If you are a legit K-pop fan, you must have been familiar with this phrase, or you might have even have heard it for millions time already. Both girls and boys, people from various ages and backgrounds are enchanted by it. If you’re curious about it, keep on reading because this article will provide everything you need to know about the “Sha Sha Sha” phenomenon.

On April 25th, 2016, TWICE released a new song titled CHEER UP – it is a cute song with catchy tunes and adorable choreography. However, there is one part that everybody loves. Yep, you guessed it right. It is Sana’s “Sha Sha Sha” part.  The original lyrics is actually “Shy Shy Shy”, but Sana made it sounds like “Sha Sha Sha”. In addition, the dance move for this part is perfectly on point. As if she’s blushing and being shy, she puts both of her fists right next to her cheeks while singing “Sha Sha Sha”. Here’s the clip in case you’ve been living under a rock and do not know how it goes:

However, it turns out that everything has not planned at all. Sana also did not expect her part to become so popular. In fact, she thought people were making fun of her pronunciation because she was Japanese. She told this when she was cast as one of the guests in Radio Star, the MC said, “You’re the heroine of the ‘Sha sha sha’ phenomenon.  I heard that you thought people were making fun of you at first.” Then she replied, “That’s right.  People kept looking at me and going, ‘Sha sha sha.’  The original lyrics stated ‘Shy shy shy,’ but I thought, ‘Why are they pronouncing it like that? I’m working so hard.’  I felt like I was being made fun of.  Because I couldn’t pronounce it properly.  I felt wronged,” making everyone laugh. But after receiving lots of love by fans and non-fans alike, even by other celebrities, she said she was grateful and she thanked everyone for supporting her.

Here are some compilation of other celebrities doing the “Sha Sha Sha” part: