Everything You Need To Know About SG Wannabe’s Full Profile, Songs, And Latest News


Meet The Icon of Korean Ballad and R&B, SG Wannabe

SG Wannabe is a Korean trio that gained popularity for their superb voices and everlasting ballad and R&B hit songs. Their debut album gained a 90.000 pre-sales album record and sold more than 400.000 copies. The trio was well known for the heartbreaking R&B single Saldaga and numerous drama and movie OSTs.

In this article, Channel Korea will talk about the legendary R&B group, SG Wannabe. So stay tuned!

Full Profile


Kim Yong-jun

Name                   : Kim Yong-jun

Date of Birth         : September 12, 1984

Height                  : 174 cm

Weight                 : 67 kg

Management         : Stone Music Entertainment

Instagram            : @yongjunkim84

Twitter                 :@sgkimyongjun

Kim Jin-ho

Name                   : Kim Jin-ho

Date of Birth         : May 21, 1986

Height                  : 175 cm

Weight                 : 67 kg

Management        : Stone Music Entertainment

Instagram            : @moksolee

Lee Seok-hoon

Name                   : Lee Seok-hoon

Date of Birth         : February 21, 1984

Height                  : 178 cm

Management        : C9 Entertainment

Instagram            : @lee.seokhoon

Chae Dong-ha

Name                   : Chae Dong-ha

Birth Name           : Chae Do-sik

Birth – Death         : June 23, 1981 – May 2011

Height                  : 182 cm

Weight                 : 73 kg

Education             : Seoul Arts University

Facts :

  • SG Wannabe stands for Simon & Garfunkel Wannabe.
  • SG Wannabe is famous in Japan
  • The trio released a special album in Japanese version
  • Due to the popularity of K-Pop music in 2009, SG Wannabe changed and adapted their music style to the K-Pop genre.
  • Kim Yong-jun was sentenced to a jail term of eight months suspended on 1 year of probation and 80 hours of social service due to causing a car accident.
  • MBC and KBS blocked SG Wannabe from appearing in their programs after Kim Yong-jun’s car accident scandal. The ban was relieved in 2015.
  • SG Wannabe’s group logo has changed multiple times.



SG Wannabe made their debut by releasing their first album, SG Wannabe+, on January 20, 2004. The album instantly became a hit and gathered 90,000 pre-sales copies. SG Wannabe’s first album was produced by Lee Kyung-sub and Park Keun-tae, two of the most famous music producers at the time. The title single for the album was Timeless. By the end of 2004, SG Wannabe gained numerous music awards, an indication of their huge music potential.

During their debut years, they promoted their albums as no-face singers with each member using western names: Whyme for Kim Yong-jun, David for Chae Dong-ha, and Charles for Kim Jin-ho. After serious consideration, they started using Korean names instead of western names. Initially, SG Wannabe refused to do live performances and appear on music stages. As a result, their first music videos showed famous actors and actresses rather than the members of the group. They asked fans to listen to their music rather than paying attention to their visual appearance.

The trio released the second album, While You Live (Saldaga), which consisted of 13 songs. The second album was released on March 29th, 2005, and was known for its title hit singles, While You Live (Saldaga) and Sin & Punishment. SG Wannabe ranked as the highest-selling artist in 2005, with more than 400,000 copies. At the end of the year, the group received the highly esteemed music award, Artist of the Year Award.


Aside from releasing highly popular singles and albums, SG Wannabe is also involved in various drama and movie soundtracks. The trio collaborated with many artists to produce new singles, and are featured in other artists singles.

The leader, Chae Dong-ha, decided to leave the group in 2008 to pursue a solo career. Later, he was replaced by Lee Seok-hun. Sadly, Chae Dong-ha was found dead in his house on the morning of May 27th, 2011. According to investigation, he was pronounced dead because of suicide.

Kim Yong-jun was the first SG Wannabe member to join military service in 2012. A year later, Lee Seok-hun enlisted to the military service, while the third member, Kim Jin-ho, decided to pursue a solo career. After completing military sevice and going through a hiatus, the trio announced their comeback in August 2015.