SF9’s Rowoon and Kim Hye-yoon’s Great Chemistry on ‘Extraordinary You’

sf9 rowoon & kim hyeyoon

A Bunch of Fluttering Moments From Rowoon and Kim Hye-yoon!

Do you remember the webtoon-based drama Extraordinary You? It had such an interesting plot and starring a bunch of great artists as well! One of the most spotlight from the drama was the couple who starred Rowoon and Kim Hye-yoon. And now, Channel Korea will reveal the details regarding SF9’s Rowoon and Kim Hye-yoon’s adorable chemistry from Extraordinary You, so stay tuned!

Rowoon and Kim Hye-yoon’s Sweet Relationship on ‘Extraordinary You’


Extraordinary You tells the story of fantasy romance and filled with comedy as well! Eun Dan-oh, a daughter from a ‘chaebol’ family who has heart disease realizes that she lived in a comic world named “Secret.” Her fate was to face death, but she refuses and found another way to make her life better.

One day, she met an anonymous character that later on known as Haru. Ever since the first encounter, Haru always there for Dan-oh, which made them developed a romantic feeling for each other. Rowoon from the group SF9 played the role of Haru, an ordinary guy who also an ‘extra’ character made by Dan-oh.


He always helped Dan-on, and both of them were striving to make a better future together. Meanwhile, Kim Hye-yoon played the role of Eun Dan-oh, an adorable and cheerful girl who fight against her destiny based on the “Secret” comic. Do you want to know more about them? Let’s check this out!

Rowoon and Kim Hye-yoon’s Romantic Scenes as Ha-ru and Eun Dan-oh


Here are some romantic scenes between Eun Dan-oh and Haru that you shouldn’t have missed!

Eun Dan-oh was asleep in a classroom, then Haru approached her and started to lay his head on the same desk as Eun Dan-oh. As soon as she woke up, Haru was holding her hands with his wide smile!

Every girl must have dreamed of being Eun Dan-oh after watching this scene! She and Haru went to a pottery class together, and instead of made beautiful pottery, Haru was ‘teasing’ her in such a flirty way!


As a gentleman, as usual, Haru has always been there for Eun Dan-oh through ups and downs. When she got hurt, Haru was patiently taking care of her and treated her wound as well!


One of the most favorite romantic scenes from Eun Dan-oh and Haru! After a long time, Haru was confessed his feeling toward Dan-oh. She kissed him, and it turns out Haru was kissed her deeper afterward!

Rowoon and Kim Hye-yoon’s Off-Screen Moments


Even though the off-screen, Rowoon and Kim Hye-yoon have naturally shown off their adorable chemistry! From many behind the scene videos, Rowoon and Kim Hye-yoon were spotted have fun together or simply practicing for a scene. Even though their acting performances on Extraordinary You also looked serious and astounding, but they actually looked very comfy and cheerful!

Not only that, they both full of laughs and love to tease each other as well! Before filming some romantic scenes, Rowoon and Kim Hye-yoon were made a bunch of jokes that made the crews also laugh. Then, as the came started rolling on, they transformed into such professional and amazing actors!

Rowoon and Kim Hye-yoon Talks about Working Together


Since Rowoon and Kim Hye-yoon have shared numerous moments, they also talked about working together for Extraordinary You. Rowoon explained that Kim Hye-yoon had portrayed Eun Dan-oh very well, and they could make built their chemistry greatly.

For Kim Hye-yoon, Rowoon was an adorable and great person, and she felt amazing for working with him. Even she compliments him by saying, “Rowoon is always working harder than anyone else, so much that even his peers can follow up.

Rowoon and Kim Hye-yoon: An Extraordinary Reunion!


After separated for a long time, Rowoon and Kim Hye-yoon made an extraordinary reunion welcomed by the fans wholeheartedly! They had a photoshoot session together for High Cut Magazine with the fashion-themed photoshoot as well. Both Rowoon and Kim Hye-yoon looked gorgeous in all the possible ways, and they were showing off such different charms compared to their appearances on Extraordinary You.


This time, Kim Hye-yoon and Rowoon came up with more mature vibes and wore a bunch of fashionable outfits! They also portrayed various vibes like casual outfits couple and classy-vintage vibes with the designer handbag to complete the looks!

That is everything about Rowoon and Kim Hye-yoon and their fluttering chemistry! Although the drama was over, the sparks between them during Extraordinary You also remained the same! Do you also think that Rowoon and Kim Hye-yoon look good together in the drama? Let us know your answer through the comment below, and don’t forget to follow @CKoreaOfficial for more updates!