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Let’s Get To Know More Closely SF9’s Visual and Tallest Member Rowoon

Kim Seok-woo, or better known by his stage name Rowoon, was born on August 7th, 1996, in Ilsan, South Korea. He is one of the main vocals, dancers and visuals in his group, SF9. He debuted as one of SF9 members on October 5th, 2016, under FNC Entertainment. Rowoon is known for starring in the web drama Click Your Heart (2016).

Rowoon’s Profile

Birth Name Kim Seok-woo (김석우)
Stage Name  Rowoon (로운)
Date and Place of Birth August 7th, 1996, Ilsan, South Korea
Zodiac Sign Leo
Height  192 cm (6’3″)
Weight 73 kg (160 lbs)
Blood Type  B
Nationality  Korean
Position In Group Main Vocalist, Dancer, Visual

Rowoon’s Facts

  • He is from Ilsan, South Korea.
  • He was the second trainee for SF9 (Rooftop Radio).
  • Rowoon has an older sister.
  • He cooks the best among the members.
  • He trained for six years with Zuho before their debut (SF9 graduation trip )
  • Rowoon has a cheerful personality.
  • He’s very caring.
  • When he’s in a good mood he tends to be overly happy.
  • He cries sometimes when watching melodramatic movies.
  • He’s afraid of heights. (Neoz School Ep. 3)
  • He’s talented in sports.
  • His favorite color is white.
  • He likes spicy food (Special Food 9).
  • He is friends with Pentagon‘s Yeo One.
  • His closest friend is Chani (Bingo Talk).
  • He played soccer when he was young. He finished at third place at the National Soccer Competition in Chuncheon.
  • Rowoon has been rumored to be dating some of his co-stars but none of them are true.
  • He is a ‘neat freak’. (Rooftop Radio)
  • He is known for starring in the web drama Click Your Heart (2016).
  • He won a prize at a plant name memorization contest when he was in elementary school. He memorized the name of more than 400 species of plants.
  • Rowoon participated in an Acuvue commercial alongside girl group AOA’s Seolhyun.
  • He acted in the Korean drama Where Stars Land (2018).
  • He is a big fan of F.T. Island. F.T. Island was the top artist when he was still in his school days.
  • He was in FNC’s reality show Cheongdamdong 111 back in 2013 when he was a trainee.
  • His hobbies are sports, especially skateboarding.
  • He likes Minhwan (F.T. Island) the most because he thinks he’s very cool and it’s always fascinating for him to meet his favorite artist.
  • He acted in School 2017.
  • He starred in Lipstick Prince, a Korean show that premiered on December 1st, 2016.
  • He joined the show Cafe Amor.
  • He acted in About Time (2018).
  • Rowoon, Chani, Taeyang, and Inseong Chani live in the same dorm, while the rest of the members live in another one. (Rooftop Radio)
  • Rowoon shares a room with Inseong.
  • Rowoon’s ideal type: Someone tall, someone who looks good in his eyes.

Rowoon’s Filmography



Year Title Episodes Role
2018 Where Stars Land 32
Go Eun-Seob
Supporting Role
2018 About Time 16
Choi Wi-Jin
Supporting Role
2017 School 2017 16
Issue/Kang Hyun-Il
Supporting Role
2016 Click Your Heart 7
Kim Ro-Woon
Leading Role

TV Shows

Year Title Episodes Role
2019 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships 4
Regular Member
2018 Idol Room 60
(Ep. 40)
2018 Amazing Saturday 60
(Ep. 47)
2018 Cafe Amor 0
The Maknae
Main Host
2018 Law of the Jungle in Patagonia 9
2017 SF9 Trip with Fantasy 9
Main Host
2017 Lipstick Prince: Season 2 10
Regular Member
2016 Lipstick Prince: Season 1 12
Regular Member
2016 SF9 Special Food 6
Main Host
2016 The Immigration 0
2016 SF9 – Spectacle Fantasy 6
Main Host
2016 d.o.b 8
Regular Member
2010 Hello Counselor 450
(Ep. 374)

School 2017



Ra Eun-ho (Kim Se-jeong) is an 18-year-old high school student with very bad grades. Actually, Ra Eun-ho is a good girl, but she is often accused of being a bad student. Ra Eun-ho dreams of going to campus with the guy she likes.

On the other hand, there is a guy named Hyun Tae-woon (Kim Jung-hyun). He is known as a naughty guy and a troublemaker in his old school in the United States. Now he moves to a high school in South Korea.

Although he is known to be arrogant and rude to others, the teachers and students can’t do anything because his rich father has invested in the school.

SF9’s Rowoon’s Role in School 2017 Has Been Revealed!


After it was confirmed that Rowoon would play a role in the School 2017 series, now his role in the drama series has been revealed. This SF9’s visual member will play the role of Lee Shu.

Lee Shu is a member of a rising group. He (Lee Shu) goes to school only to fill in the absences. Other members of the group start promoting in various activities, but the presence of Lee Shu and his group is rare or not good. When Lee Shu gets worried about his job, he meets Yoon Kyung-woo (played by Seo Ji-hoon) and begins to realize how it feels to interact with people through music.

The drama series School 2017 will air in July, after the drama Fight For My Way ends.

About Time



Choi Michaela (Lee Sung-kyung) is a musical artist. She has a special ability to see the time remaining for other people’s lives. She meets a man who can stop her time and the man falls in love with her.

SF9’s Rowoon Ready to Join the TvN’s New Drama. Here’s the Role!


TvN is ready to pair Lee Sung-kyung and Lee Sang-yoon in their latest drama titled About Time. This drama also caught Lee Seo-won and Lim Se-mi as second leads.

About Time tells the story of Choi Michaela (Lee Sung-kyung), a musical actress who is able to see the lives of other people with her eyes. She then meets and falls in love with Lee Do-ha (Lee Sang-yoon), the leader of a perfect cultural foundation who has a cool image.

The latest casting news says that SF9’s Rowoon is ready to join About Time. FNC Entertainment’s idol is believed to portray the character of Choi Wi-jin, Choi Michaela’s little brother.

Previously, Rowoon marked a web acting debut drama Click Your Heart. He then took part in School 2017 as an idol named Issue or Lee Shu. His acting in About Time will surely be very much awaited by fans.

About Time is scheduled to air around May. The drama is directed by PD Kim Hyung-sik, who previously worked on Sign and Twenty Again.

Where Stars Land



The drama series Fox Bride Star, or better known as Where Stars Land, follows people who work hard at Incheon International Airport. Lee Soo-yeon, played by Lee Je-hoon has graduated from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), a prestigious university in South Korea. He begins working at Incheon International Airport and gives himself a six-month trial to get used to working there. Lee Soo-yeon is a mysterious man who makes people pull away.

There, he meets Han Yeo-reum, played by Chae Soo-bin. She is a new employee of the passenger service team. She wants to be a perfectionist, but the reality is a little different. She makes a lot of mistakes.

SF9’s Rowoon Becomes a Handsome Employee in the New SBS Drama Where Stars Land


K-Drama’s International fans are waiting for the drama Where Stars Land, which is also called Fox Bride Star, to start airing.

This drama is a human melodrama that tells the story of a new employee in secret and a one-year employee who causes various accidents at their workplace. The drama is set at Incheon Airport, South Korea. The two main characters (Lee Je-hoon and Chae Soo-bin) work in the passenger service team.

SF9’s Rowoon has a supporting role in this drama. He took the role of Go Eun-sub, a one-year employee in the mooring team at Incheon Airport. He is a friend of the female lead, they started working at the airport at the same time. He claims to like the female lead but has been rejected; his life is torn between friendship and jealousy with his one-sided love. His character is smiling and sweet.


SBS released the first photos of the character. As expected, he looks handsome in the photographs in the form of scenes in this drama. He looks like the most handsome employee with a neat style and employee’s name tag. In these photos, he was in the middle of a confrontation and he handled it.

Fans were very anxious to see him in the drama. The drama premiered on October 1st, 2018, on SBS at 10 pm.

Rowoon’s Abs

Amino Apps

SF9’s Rowoon Wakes Up Topless Next To Han Seung-yeon In About Time

We Heart It

SF9’s Rowoon is currently part of the cast of the drama About Time, starring Lee Sung-kyung and Lee Sang-yoon. He is the younger brother of the female lead.

With the release of the official individual posters, the channel hinted about the love line he will have with the woman he calls noona, the friend of his sister, acted by Han Seung-yeon.

At the beginning of the drama, the love line of the two of them is not clear yet but in last week’s episode, it started. The two of them were eating and drinking together, the girl seemed displeased to be with him and only kept asking him about the information she wanted to know. They ended up sleeping in the same bed. When they woke up, Rowoon’s body was exposed to the viewers.

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

It is not the first time that fans get to see Rowoon’s abs but it is a rare occasion for them.

We Heart It

Check out more of this scene in the video below!

It seems that both characters started their love line and made viewers curious about the evolution of their relationship.

Fans are waiting to see more of their interaction and chemistry in the upcoming episode, 9:30 KST.

Netters Compare SF9’s Rowoon’s Pre-debut Photos with His Present Ones


Since debuting as a member of SF9 last year, Rowoon has been admired thanks to his handsome face. Not only he is handsome, but the School 2017 star is also tall and has a sweet voice.

Recently, Rowoon’s pre-debut photos circulated on one of the online community sites. In the photos, the 1996-born singer does look a little different from what he is now.


Comparing Rowoon’s pre-debut photos with his recent ones, the netters concluded that he has done plastic surgery. Not a few netizens have claimed to be surprised, because according to them, Rowoon’s face looks natural.

“Heol, I never imagined him having plastic surgery,” commented a netter. “This is the first time I realize that Rowoon has done plastic surgery, I used to think that he looks natural,” another netter said. “I’m pretty sure he has done something to his face,” said yet another.