All About SF9’s Youngest Member Chani

Get Closer With SF9’s Youngest Member, Chani!

Chani is the youngest member of the boy band from FNC Entertainment, SF9. Before debuting with SF9, Chani has been in the showbiz industry since he was a kid, as an actor. Not only he had been acting, but Chani had also been modeling and has even been a TV Personality. Wow, he is truly an entertainer! After becoming an idol, Chani still continued with his acting career by acting in movies and dramas. Want to know more about his career? Then this is the right article for you!


Chani’s Profile and Facts

chani sf9

Real Name: Kang Chan-hee

Stage Name: Chani

Nickname: Chani, Kanni, Sloth

Date of Birth: January 17th, 2000

Place of Birth: Daejeon

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Blood Type: Type A

Last Education: Seoul Performing Arts High School (SOPA), Department of Acting

Family: Parents (father and mother) and a younger brother named Kang Seok-hee

Agency: FNC Entertainment

Official Instagram: @sf9official 

Official Twitter: @SF9official


  1. Chani trained for 7 years.
  2. Chani used to be a trainee at Fantagio Entertainment and became friends with one of the members of Astro, Ricky.
  3. Chani sleeps a lot.
  4. Chani takes an hour to shower.
  5. Chani’s role modes are Jung Yong-hwa from CNBlue and Taemin from SHINee.
  6. Chani is the shortest member in SF9.
  7. Chani’s favorite food is chicken and he can’t eat spicy food.
  8. Chani’s specialty is singing high notes and playing several instruments, namely guitar, violin, and piano.
  9. Chani’s hobbies are drawing, sleeping, and playing musical instruments.
  10. Chani’s best friends from the showbiz industry are iKon’s Chanwoo, Astro’s Moonbin, and actress Kim Sae-ron.
  11. Chani is the bravest member of SF9.
  12. Chani’s ideal type is someone who is kind and sincere and with good manners.
  13. Chani can’t remember a thing that is related to numbers, like birthdays and phone numbers. He even can’t remember his brother’s birthday.
  14. The gap between his cute face and deep voice is severe. Even though Chani looks cute, his voice is very thick and deep.
  15. Like Kyu-hyun from Super Junior, Chani is also famous as an evil and a savage maknae.
  16. In May 2018, Chani and his mother, appeared on the reality show Leaving the Nest: Season 3 on the tvN network.


Chani’s Pre-debut and NEOZ School

Chani started his career as a child model in 2005. During that time, he did modeling for fashion shows and advertising. He was also famous as Ulzzang or kid who has a handsome look.

Then, in 2007, he appeared as an actor in TVXQ’s music video, “Balloons.” In the music video, he was paired with Micky Yoo-chun. Other child actors also made appearances in the music video, such as Chan-woo from iKon and Moon-bin from Astro.

Because of his appearance in the music video, Chani was invited to the show Star King as Yoo-chun’s lookalike. This was his first appearance on television.

Chani became a Fantagio trainee in 2009. During that time, he trying to establish himself as an actor and also was practicing to be an idol. Chani and Moon-bin were training together. Due to his career as an actor, he became friends with Kim Sae-ron. They acted together in three dramas, Listen to My Heart, Garden Heaven, and The Queen’s Classroom.

They even became ambassadors for the 2012 i-Teen Audition.

In 2013, Chani left Fantagio and become a trainee at FNC Entertainment. After training for three years, Chani joined the FNC Entertainment debut system, Neo School. He and his team, Neoz Dance Team, had to compete with Neoz Band (which has now become Honeyst band) on the survival show d.o.b (Dance or Band) that aired on the Mnet network and the Naver V App. In the introduction video, Chani showed his dancing ability.

The winner of the competition was to debut under FNC Entertainment. Later, his dance team won the show and made their debut in 2016, with the name SF9 (Sensational Feeling 9). The group debuted with the single “Fanfare” from their debut album Feeling Sensation. Chani’s position in the group is a sub-rapper and main dancer. Right after their debut, SF9’s popularity rapidly increased, not only domestically, but also internationally. Their debut album charted high in China. A year into their debut, SF9 members were able to debut in Japan with the single “Fanfare.”

In 2018, SF9 made their comeback with the single “Now or Never” from their 5th mini-album, Sensuous. Have you watched their music video?


Chani’s Filmography

In 2009, Chani made his debut as a child actor in the drama Queen Seondeok. His second drama was Three Brothers. His characters were those of a supporting role. Chani’s name started to get more recognition after acting in the drama Listen to My Heart. His role is the young version of the character Cha Dong-joo, that was originally played by Kim Jae-won. The drama itself got high ratings.

That same year, Chani also showed his performance in the drama Garden of Heaven that was aired on the Channel A network. His character’s name was Seung-woo, a young boy who becomes a popular singer.

In 2012, Chani got cast as the young version of Song Joong-ki’s character in the drama Innocent Man. The character, Kang Ma-ru, takes revenge on his childhood friend named Han Jae-hee. Chani’s acting in this drama left a huge impression on the viewers.

His acting career didn’t stop there. In 2013, Chani acted in the drama The Queen’s Classroom as a 6th-grade student of class 3. Because his character is the villain of the story, he left an impact in the drama even though it was only a minor role.

At the age of 14, Chani acted in a Joseon period drama for the second time in the drama Hwajeong. His character is the young version of character Ja-kyung that is played by actor Gong Myung.

In 2013, Chani acted in the famous drama Signal. His character in the drama is Park Sun-woo, the older brother of Park Hae-young, that was played by Lee Ji-hoon. His character is being accused of raping the victim. The drama itself is based on the real-life crime case in Korea, Hwaseong Serial Murders. This drama received good reviews and high ratings and even became one of the highest rated dramas in the history of Korean drama. Chani’s appearance also left an impression on the viewers because of his outstanding acting. You can see his acting in the video below.

Prior to his debut, Chani was part of Neo School. Chani and his teammates were cast in the drama Click Your Heart that was aired in 2016. Mina from AOA got a leading role in the drama. The drama is about Mina, who just transferred to a new school and meets four different guys from the dance group Neoz School, Ro-woon, Da-won, Chani, and Ju-ho. Chani’s character is a mysterious guy who never smiles but has a passion for dancing. This drama’s format is quite unique. The viewer can make a choice in every episode. Not only focusing on romance but this drama also has a supernatural side. You can watch this drama on Netflix and choose your favorite character!

Recently, in 2018, Chani got cast in the JTBC’s drama, Sky Castle. With a unique storyline, this drama became the highest rated drama in the cable network and positioned as the 4th highest rated drama in the Korean drama history. The drama itself is about a group of high-profile chaebols who live in Sky Castle, in an apartment. Each family has the ambition to enter their kids into a prestigious university and keeps deep secrets for themselves. His role is that of Hwang Woo-joo, a step-son of Lee Soo-lim who is married to Hwang Chi-young. Unlike other families, Hwang Woo-joo’s family is more carefree and not ambitious regarding school grades. In the drama, Chani’s character is a young student that has a sweet personality. Another character, Ye-seo, falls in love with Hwang Woo-joo. Let’s check out his acting in this clip!

Chani has not acted only in dramas but also in movies. He made his big screen debut with the movie The King’s Case Note where he plays the young King Ye-jong, that is otherwise played by actor Lee Sun-kyun.

In 2017, Chani got cast again in the comedy movie Familyhood. The movie itself tells about an actress (played by Kim Hye-soo) who wants to make a family. Chani’s character in the movie is Hyun-bin. Sadly, his character is just a supporting one. The first week after the movie was released, they were able to reach first place with 1 million viewers within a week. You can see his acting in this clip below.


Chani’s Abs

Chani showed his abs in the show d.o.b on May 11th, 2016 in the episode “Capture the Hearts of High School Girls.” To get the attention of high school girls, the members had to lightly expose their abs and muscles. They were filmed working out in the gym where they lifted their clothes to show their abs. Even though Chani is the youngest, he has solid abs like the other members.


Chani’s Instagram Updates

Chani doesn’t have a personal Instagram account. Most of his personal updates are on Twitter or on the group’s Instagram, @sf9official. Unlike Chani, SF9 uses Instagram to promote their activities and share the group’s updates. For Chani’s personal updates, you can check out his Twitter and interact with him.


Latest News of Chani

The recent update on Instagram is about their weekly missions that are uploaded on the FNC Entertainment Youtube channel.

Their fans, Fantasia, can participate by voting on Twitter. Fans get to decide the member’s next mission. Chani completed his mission in the first episode.

You can see their interaction in the video below.

As far as his individual schedule is concerned, Chani is currently busy filming the drama Sky Castle. You can watch the drama on your favorite streaming site!