All About SF9’s Members’ Dramas: Full List, Recommended Dramas, and Best Scenes

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Check Out This List of SF9 Members’ K-Dramas

If you are a true hardcore fan of SF9, you must watch these K-dramas. All of SF9’s members starred in the teen drama Click Your Heart. The drama is the beginning of a huge list of drama appearances for all of SF9, especially SF9 Rowoon. With his visual, tall physique, and excellent talent, Rowoon has all the criteria to become the next big actor. How about other SF9 members? Slowly, they started gaining attention and started performing as leading actors in dramas and movies.

Check out the list of SF9 members’ dramas, and find out our drama recommendation in this article!

SF9’s Rowoon’s Dramas

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Rowoon‘s popularity increased rapidly after he appeared in the dramas School 2017 and About Time. Both dramas aired in 2017 and 2018. He regularly appeared as a supporting actor in various dramas. Finally, in 2021, he finally got a taste of being the leading male actor.

He starred alongside actress Won Jin-a in a romantic drama, jTBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama She Would Never Know. In total, SF9 Rowoon has appeared in 8 dramas. Rowoon’s most important roles in K-dramas were as an unpopular idol, Issue, in the teen drama School 2017 and as Haroo in Extraordinary You.

SF9’s Hwiyoung’s Dramas

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SF9’s Hwiyoung and SF9 Inseong collaborated as two leading actors in the teen drama Dok Go Bin Is Updating. The drama tells the story of an awkward student named Ha Duk-ho (played by Inseong) who becomes friends with a dazzling AI robot (played by Inseong).

Hwiyoung also played the leading role in the drama Replay: The Moment When It Starts Again. In total, Hwiyoung has performed in 6 dramas, and the most important role for him is as the AI robot in Dok Go Bin Is Updating.

SF9’s Dawon’s Dramas

Dawon played the leading male role in K-drama Click Your Heart. Starting from 2016, Dawon has played in 4 dramas: Doom at Your Service (starring Park Bo-young, Seo In-guk, etc), Part-Time Melodrama, Was It Love?, and Click Your Heart. Dawon’s appearances in dramas are not too many, but he has appeared in many variety shows.

SF9’s Yoo Taeyang’s Dramas

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SF9’s Yoo Tae-yang appeared as a supporting actor or guest actor in 2 dramas, Was It Love and Click Your Heart. However, Yoo Tae-yang has the most appearances in numerous variety shows.

SF9’s Jae Yoon’s Dramas

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Jae-yoon‘s appearance in K-dramas is limited to three appearances only. He debuted as an actor through an appearance in the teen K-drama Click Your Heart. However, he regularly appears in many variety shows. SF9 fans looked forward to his first leading role in Love in Black Hole.

SF9’s Zuho’s Dramas

All SF9 members have had a chance to act as a leading male role in a K-drama. For SF9’s Zuho, he appeared in The Birth of a Nation and Heartbeat Broadcasting Accident. In 2016, alongside other SF9 members, he played an emotionless high school student in the 2016 drama Click Your Heart. Click Your heart is definitely a must-watch for hardcore SF9 fans.

SF9’s Kang Chan-hee’s Dramas

SF9’s Chan-hee debuted as a child actor long before he became an idol. In total, Chan-hee has appeared in more than ten dramas. Chan-hee starred in Once Again, Imitation, Must You Go?, Jinx, and Love As You Taste.

SF9’s In Seong’s Dramas

Inseong performed the leading role Ha Duk-ho, an awkward university student, in the romantic comedy drama Dok Go Bin Is Updating. Fans love his role and his acting because he is very charming as a nerdy student. So far, Inseong has performed in 5 dramas: Two Universe, Dok Go Bin Is Updating, Was It Love?, 20th Century Boy and Girl, and Click Your Heart.

SF9’s Young Bin’s Dramas

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Youngbin is set to star in the romantic drama Bubble Up alongside Nature’s Kim So-hee. Previously, he appeared with all SF9 members in the drama Click Your Heart.

Which SF9 member is your favorite actor in K-dramas? All of them has the visual and the talent to perform as the leading actor. W can’t wait for them to star in romantic dramas. Don’t forget to share this article with your social media account!