Presenting 10 Sexy Photos of EXO’s Baekhyun’s Toned Abs to Make Your Day Hotter!

Melting with EXO’s Byun Baek-hyun’s Sexy Abs

Having a good and perfect body shape is indeed the dream of everyone, both men and women. Everybody is doing their best trying out various methods to get the ideal body shape; for example, exercising every day, regulating diet, and maintaining their sleep patterns. Sometimes, some agencies also suggest or require that all artists have the ideal body shape.

This is the case with EXO’s Byun Baek-hyun. When he made his debut with EXO, he only had an ordinary body shape, a male body shape in general. However, in 2017 Baek-hyun began to change his diet and exercise schedule so he could get the ideal body shape. And the end result was perfectly shaped and sexy ABS.

Let’s check this out!

Top 10 Photos of Byun Baek-hyun’s Abs

1. In this photo, Baek-hyun is not wearing a shirt and shows his very broad chest. Even though the photo looks a bit blurry, we can still clearly see Baek-hyun’s chest area.

2. In an EXO concert, Baek-hyun intentionally teased their fans by showing his abs. He deliberately did not button his shirt, wearing a sweat and seductive expression.

3. You will probably go hysterical when you look at this photo right? With a seductive look and movements, Baek-hyun intentionally advances his stomach and shows off his abs.

4. Even though he intentionally shows his sexy abs, Baek-hyun still looks cute and adorable, right?

5. Just by wearing a checkered shirt with the top buttons unbuttoned, we can still see Baek-hyun’s chest.

6. Xiumin intentionally lifted Baek-hyun’s shirt and displayed his abs, but Baek-hyun’s hand accidentally covered his stomach. Even so, we can still see the shape of his ABS.

7. By deliberately not buttoning his shirt, Baek-hyun teased the audience with his dance combined with the sweat that drenched his entire body.

8. Isn’t Baek-hyun really tempting us with his very exotic look? Clearly, we can see the shape of his abs!

9. When viewed from the side, Baek-hyun has a slim waist, right?

10. Baek-hyun’s face looks very serious in this photo. He deliberately doesn’t wear clothes and shows the shape of his upper body.

So what do you think? Do Baek-hyun’s sexy abs make your day even hotter?