Sexy Idol Hyuna with Her Sexier Tattoo, What’s Their Meaning?

Get Acquainted with Hyuna’s Tattoo

As we know, Hyuna is one of the female idols who have many tattoos on their bodies. Moreover, the tattoos that she has on her body all have different meanings. This is considered as a way of expressing oneself. Hyuna’s agency doesn’t forbid her to have many tattoos on her body.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what kind of tattoos Hyuna has on her body! Check this out!

Hyuna’s Tattoo on Her Arm

On her arm, Hyuna has 4 different tattoo images with different colors and models. The tattoo is circular in red, yellow, green, and blue, like the color of a rainbow, and on her inner arm, she also has a tattoo with a line of words.

On her shoulder, she has another tattoo with a line of writing. Moreover, near her elbow, she has a tattoo with the initials I.M.

The Meaning Behind Hyuna’s Tattoos

As we know, Hyuna does have a lot of tattoos, one of which is a tattoo on her shoulder. The letters on the tattoo spell out, “My mother is the heart that keeps me alive.” At that time, Cube Entertainment explained the meaning of the tattoo Hyuna had on her shoulder, “Hyuna picked out both the words and the meaning herself.”

A representative from Cube Entertainment said, “Hyuna has been apart from her family for a long time because of her activities, so she thinks of them a lot. Her love for her mother is particularly deep. It has been a while since she got the tattoo, but it’s being revealed for the first time only because it’s at the top of her back this time.”

Hyuna is indeed a female idol that has her body covered with tattoos inside and out. It would seem that this is Hyuna’s way of remembering and expressing love for herself and others. There are about 18 different tattoos on Hyuna’s body. Some are in the form of a cross, numbers, love, writing, lines, etc.