Are You A Carat? Find More About Seventeen’s Official Merchandise!

2018 Ideal Cut – The Final Scene Concert Memorabilia

Seventeen held the Ideal Cut – The Final Scene Concert to conclude the previous concert Ideal Cut. The tour was set to visit South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, and Taiwan. The first concert of The Final Scene kicked off in Seoul, South Korea between June 28th, 2018, and July 1st, 2018. The four-day event was held at the Jamsil Arena, and it gathered 27,000 audiences. The final concert was held at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena, Seoul, from November 3rd to 4th, 2018.

Carat could find a selection of 10 merchandises of Seventeen during the concert: the Carat Bong, a hard case for the lightstick, a slogan towel, mini carat keyring set, a mini lightstick keyring, a tour behind the book with 312 pages of content related to the concert tour, a trading card pack consisting of 13 sheets randomly chosen out of 65, a white long-sleeve T-shirt with the words “Say The Name” on the back, a black SVT coach jacket with graphics related to The Final Scene concerts, an image picket with a photo of each member of Seventeen.

That was all the information about the official Seventeen merchandise for Carat that could be found at their events, mainly concerts and fan meetings! Please, do not forget to kindly share your thoughts and drop a line in the comment section below!