SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi: Profile, Facts, Solo Activities

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Solo Activity

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Hoshi has appeared solo in some variety shows and photoshoots. Let’s take a look at some of Seventeen’s Hoshi solo activities here~ Check this out!

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Appearances in Dispatch’s Main Dancer Along with NCT’s Taeyong, The Boyz’s Q, NU’EST W’s JR, MONSTA X’s Shownu, GOT7’s Yugyeom

hoshi seventeen

In 2018, Dispatch and Vlive collaborated on a photoshoot with the idols, who are recognized as main dancers in their respective groups. SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi, NCT’s Taeyong, NU’EST W’s JR, MONSTA X’s Shownu, GOT7’s Yugyeom, and The Boyz‘s Q are among the main dancers in the photoshoot. Although their first meeting was awkward for everyone around each other, their chemistry started to develop.

Check out their interaction in Vlive here.


SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Participate and Become Guest Judge in King of Masked Singer

hoshi seventeen

In 2018, Hoshi participated in a variety show called The King of Masked Singer. He became a Camping Boy. On his first appearance, he was singing to Lim Chang Jung’s “Dancing with Wolves” and Carrier Man. For the second round, he performing Rain’s “Bad Guy”.

Hoshi shared a thought that he came to the show to break the stereotypes of the one who dance can’t sing. He went to prove that. Well done, Hoshi!

On another occasion, he became a panelist along with other members of Seventeen, Jeonghan. They also tried to guest the participant and dancing to Seventeen’s Very Nice.

Check out the clip here!


SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Appearances in Dancing High

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Seventeen’s Hoshi and Wanna One’s Park Woo-jin were among the guest judges on KBS’s “Dancing High” on October 19, 2018. It said that “We anticipate outstanding performances from the two representative dancers who enjoy dancing, as well as compassionate and supportive advice.”

Seventeen’s Hoshi is well known for his performance skills, including participating in the choreography of the team’s title song and the choreography of the tracks. Check out his performances in Dancing High, dancing to Christopher’s “Bad”!

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi in The Creaking Heroes

hoshi seventeen

In 2018, Hoshi became a regular member of a variety show called “The Creaking Heroes”. The show contains comedians, Idol singer-songwriters, such as Zion T, Yoo Byung-jae, DinDin, Hong Jing-kyung, and more. Under the slogan “everyone can be a hero,” the show describes ordinary people with no special abilities becoming “heroes” through different missions and training.

Check out Seventeen’s Hoshi appearances in “The Creaking Heroes” here!


SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Becoming Tiger Enthusiast

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Hoshi loves to anything related to Tigers is uncontrollable. He even has made a lovable name called “Horanghae”.

If you’re a carat, you must be hearing Horanghae a lot! He even included the words in his scribble tune! Horanghae is a short word for “Horangi Saranghae” or means I Tiger You. It has some meaning with I love you. Horanghae is usually often used with a hand gesture to show his imaginary tiger claws.

In social media, Hoshi often used tiger emoji with the word horanghae as his caption. Like this:

He even has some stuff with tigers on it, such as a phone case, t-shirt, pillow, dolls/plushie, and many more!

Check out his obsession with Tigers here:


That’s all about SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi! Hoshi is one of the great dancers of the group. He has made many choreography videos and also participating in Seventeen’s choreography. What do you think of his personality? Have you heard of any Seventeen’s performance song? You might want to give a listen to Seventeen’s music after reading the article, right? Don’t forget to share and give your thoughts!