SEVENTEEN’s DK: Profile, Facts, Debut as Musical Actor, Solo Activities

SEVENTEEN’s DK’s Debut as Musical Actor

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DK made his debut as a musical actor with the musical titled Xcalibur. Xcalibur is a musical broadly based on the stories of King Arthur and his legendary sword, Excalibur, from the 5th/6th centuries. On March 15th, 2014, the musical had its world premiere at the Theater St. Gallen in St. Gallen, Switzerland. It was released in Korea in 2019 under the title Xcalibur.

Seventeen’s DK has been cast as Arthur, along with Musical actor Kai, and JYJ’s Kim Junsu. Other musical actor appearances are Uhm Ki-joon, Lee Ji-hoon, and Park Kang-hyun, Shin Young-sook, Jang Eun-ah, Kim Joon-hyun, Son Joon-ho, Kim So-hyang, Min Kyung-ah, Park Chul-ho, Jo Won-hee, Lee Sang-joon, and more!

DK said, “It’s my first musical, and I’m looking forward to work with the world’s best staff and great musical seniors. I’ve always enjoyed musicals, and I’ve always been fascinated by the enthusiasm and gestures that musical actors integrate into their performances.” He also said, “It’s not an easy process, but it’s a great honor to be able to work on Excalibur at this moment.”

The Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul hosted Xcalibur from June 15th to August 4th, 2019. Seventeen members came to watch his musical and show their love and support for DK in the musical. Check out some of DK’s selfies with their musical outfit, Seventeen members, and his musical colleagues, here!

Collaboration with Pink Sweat$ along with SEVENTEEN’s Joshua

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In 2020, Seventeen’s DK and Joshua surprised Carats with a collaboration with an American singer, Pink Sweat$. However, Pink Sweat$ already spoiled it prior to its release. Pink Sweat$ has a song titled “17”. They added the Korean version to the song, leaving fans in awe. The song itself has beautiful lyrics.

Seventeen’s DK and Joshua share their thoughts and express so much love for the collaboration. Check out the updates here~

Give a listen to the remix of “17”!

Check out Seventeen’s DK and Joshua’s interview with Pink Sweat$ and behind the scenes!


SEVENTEEN’s DK’s Funny Moments

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Aside from being a charismatic and talented member, DK is one of the funniest members of SEVENTEEN. Without his presence, life must be so boring. He can make people laugh with his jokes and his unusual act. He is a fun member without trying to be funny. If you watch any of the episodes of Going Seventeen, you can see how attractive DK is! Anyway, check out a compilation video of DK being funny here~!

Handsome and Funny, right? 😏



That’s all about SEVENTEEN’s DK! So, DK is one of the talented singers of the group. He also has collaborated with some of his favorite artists, such as Pink Sweat$ and many more. What do you think of his personality? Have you heard of any Seventeen vocal songs? You might want to give a listen to Seventeen’s songs after reading the article, right? Don’t forget to share and kindly drop a line with your thoughts in the comment section below!