Everything About Seventeen Member Woozi: Profile, Facts, Latest News, etc.


Woozi, the Idol Songwriter From Seventeen

Lee Ji-hoon, better known as Woozi, is the leader of the vocal unit SEVENTEEN. He is the main songwriter of SEVENTEEN; he has written all of the songs on the Seventeen Project, as well as all the songs in SEVENTEEN’s two mini-albums. Woozi is one of the members of SEVENTEEN who has worked really hard in the group, also in general among the idols too. He was a trainee for five years before debuting, and always practiced and worked hard. Among SEVENTEEN members, Woozi is known by his many nicknames – Tofu, Soft food, White, glowing sneakers, etc. attributed to him because of his flexibility and his many different favorite things.

He is known as a member who can survive anything and rarely experiences difficult things and sadness during long-term training. He is always optimistic about the future which makes him feel better when he starts feeling sad.

Profile and Facts of Woozi


Full Profile

Name: Lee Ji-hoon

Nickname: Woozi

Date of birth: November 22nd, 1996

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Height: 164 cm

Blood type: A

Label: Pledis Entertainment

Chinese name: 李 知 勳 (Li Zhi Xun)

Official website: http://www.seventeen-17.com/

Twitter ID: @ pledis_17

Facebook Page URL: https://www.facebook.com/seventeennews

Instagram ID: saythename_17

Weibo ID: PLEDIS_17


Woozi grew up with music; as a child, he often played classical music and learned how to play the clarinet and some band instruments. But his confidence in his vocal abilities was always low, which is why he did not trust people when they would tell him that he is a good singer.

When Woozi passed the audition at Pledis Entertainment, he was very grateful to get the opportunity; he practiced hard every day until he debuted, as he did in his childhood when he played classical music. He moved to Seoul for training purposes, but he also entered Hanlim Multi Art High School, where he graduated in 2015. His parents showed support and sent as much love as they could, which was what made Woozi so strong in the end.


Woozi attended elementary school in Busan, and he was trained with classical music, clarinet and classical band instruments before entering high school. He auditioned for Pledis Entertainment and successfully passed the audition, causing him to move to Seoul. After becoming a trainee, Woozi also entered Hanlim Multi Art High School, and graduated from there in 2015. Woozi took the high school exam and practiced at the same time, which was definitely difficult for him; that’s why he is considered to be one of the hardest working idols.


Woozi’s family consists of his parents and brothers. While growing up he didn’t have a lot of girls around him, and of course, he didn’t have a girlfriend, which is why Woozi is only comfortable around men. Trying to get closer to girls and talking to them makes him feel extremely embarrassed. Not much is known about his family, they are not known for anything other than, well, being members of Woozi’s family!


Woozi isn’t dating anyone right now, in fact, he has never had a girlfriend before! He once talked about his ideal type, and this is what he said – she must be shorter than himself (because he is the shortest in the group), but besides that, she must be cheerful and very friendly, because all of his friends are only male friends.

Favorite things

School Lessons: Music
Instruments: Clarinet, Piano, Guitar
Food: Cold noodles
Beverages: Coffee
Actor: Hugh Jackman
Song: Chris Brown – Don’t judge me
Film: X-Men
Music: R&B, Pop
Models: Chris Brown and Park Jin Young (JYP)
Moto: “Everything will end well if you work hard”
Animals: dogs
Season: winter
Personality: attention
Hobby: Listen to music


  1. Known as a hard worker in the group.
  2. He likes dogs.
  3. His hobby is listening to music.
  4. He likes watching Hugh Jackman movies.
  5. His nicknames are Mr. Luminous Sneakers, Tofu, and Documentaries.
  6. He would be happy if he could speak English well, like Joshua.
  7. Woozi received classical music training.
  8. He will be happy to meet Justin Bieber.
  9. He has an older brother.
  10. Other members chose him as the most serious member.
  11. He addresses DK with a formal speech because DK is always serious about him.
  12. He can only speak Korean.
  13. Known as a vocalist.
  14. He likes to mix black bean noodles and spicy ramyun noodles and eat them together.
  15. He is the main songwriter in the group.
  16. He prefers to write and make songs at dawn because it is the quietest time for him.
  17. He is friends with Ailee.
  18. He likes to sleep late.
  19. He enjoys all sports.
  20. He is the shortest in the group.
  21. The name of his fan club is Carat.
  22. He plays several instruments, among which is the piano.
  23. He was a trainee for five years before his debut.
  24. He has made all the music for the group.
  25. His favorite season is winter.
  26. He is a very careful person.



Like other SEVENTEEN members, Woozi participated in SEVENTEEN TV, in 2013, an online program that was broadcast periodically on Ustream. Woozi is one of the nine SEVENTEEN members who took part in the show from the first episode (Woozi, Mingyu, Jun, Seungkwan, Wonwoo, Hoshi, Vernon, Dino, and DK). The nickname of Woozi in the show was Mr. Fluorescent Colored Sneakers. After all the seasons of SEVENTEEN TV ended, in 2015, Woozi and other members of the show joined Seventeen Project: Big Debut Plan, broadcast on MBC between May 2nd and May 26th, 2015. The show concluded with the group’s debut showcase.

Here are some of Woozi’s pre-debut photos and videos:

Above is a pre-debut video of Woozi that was uploaded on the official Youtube channel of SEVENTEEN. He already looked cute before debuting, right?


And this is a photo of Woozi before he debuted. The boy next to him is also a SEVENTEEN member – can you guess who he is? Yes, he’s Vernon!


And again, another photo of Woozi before he debuted, looking cute in a uniform.

Debut with SEVENTEEN

Woozi and 12 other members debuted as SEVENTEEN in 2015. SEVENTEEN debuted on May 26th with a live showcase broadcast by MBC. They are the first male K-Pop group to debut with a live showcase of one hour on the main broadcast channel, with the label-Lizzy and Raina acting as MCs. Three days later, their first EP 17 Carat was released digitally. 17 Carat became the longest-running K-Pop album that year in the US and was the only rookie album to appear on the Billboard chart “10 Best K-Pop Albums of 2015.”

On September 10th, their second EP Boys Be was released, which would later become the best-selling rookie album in 2015. The album’s success was followed by the many awards the group received, namely the Golden Disk Awards, the Seoul Music Awards, and the K-Pop Awards Gaon Chart. SEVENTEEN is also the only K-Pop group on the Billboard list “21 Under 21 2015: Music’s Hottest Young Stars.”

SEVENTEEN held a series of four-date concerts titled 2015 Like SEVENTEEN – Boys Wish from December 24th to December 26th, as a year-end celebration in Seoul. After the success of the concert, SEVENTEEN held two related concerts the following February in 2016, titled Like SEVENTEEN – Boys Wish Encore Concert.




Photo of Woozi during Encore Concert Day 2.

SEVENTEEN’s first full-length studio album, Love & Letter, was released on April 25th, 2016. The album charted high on the Oricon Weekly Pop Album Charts in Japan besides being successful on the domestic charts. SEVENTEEN received their first win in music performance with the title track “Pretty U.”

Love & Letter was later re-released as a repackaged version on July 4th, along with the main single “Very Nice.” The promotion was immediately followed by SEVENTEEN’s 1st Asia 2016 Shining Diamonds Tour, which included places in South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and China. On December 5th, the group released their third EP Going Seventeen, which exceeded Love & Letter.

SEVENTEEN held six concerts in Japan between February 15th and February 24th, named 17 Japanese Concerts: Say The Name #Seventeen. The concert attracted a total of 50,000 spectators even though this group did not officially debut in Japan. On April 1st, SEVENTEEN became the first idol group to have the second season of One Fine Day event after filming the series during their stay in Japan. The second season is titled One Fine Day in Japan and was created in collaboration between South Korean broadcaster MBC and the Japanese network Music On! TV.

The fourth EP of Seventeen, AL1, was released on May 22nd, 2017. A series of videos, titled 2017 Seventeen Project, and three music videos, subtitled Chapter 0.5, were uploaded before AL1 was uploaded. This group completed their first world tour, the 2017 SEVENTEEN 1st World Tour “Diamond Edge,” where they visited thirteen cities in Asia and North America, on October 6th. On November 6th, SEVENTEEN’s second full-length studio album Teen Age was released.

SEVENTEEN released a special album on February 5th, named Cut Director. Although Cut Director contained all the songs from the Teen Age album before, the album was promoted as a special album instead of being repackaged due to the presence of four new songs, including the main single “Thanks.” “Thanks” reached first place on the iTunes charts in 29 countries, including countries from North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Time magazine called SEVENTEEN one of the best K-Pop groups during this promotion period. SEVENTEEN officially debuted in Japan on May 30th with their first Japanese mini-album, We Make You. Music video for the main single “Call, Call, Call!” was released on May 16th.


Woozi during SEVENTEEN Japan Concert in 2018.

SEVENTEEN released their fifth EP, You Make My Day, on July 16th. You Make My Day broke the group’s personal record for most sales in the first week after its release, and is their best-selling album overall to date, awarded with platinum status. Promotions for this album took place among Ideal Cut concerts in Seoul and scheduled concerts in other countries in Asia. SEVENTEEN released their sixth EP, You Made My Dawn, on January 21st. This EP was preceded by the release of the music video “Getting Closer,” called ‘YMMD Prequel.’

Here is a video compilation of Woozi during his career with SEVENTEEN, and it also contains reasons why you should love him. Let’s watch it!


Studio albums

Title Album details Peak chart positions Sales
JPN Hot.
US Ind
Love & Letter Release: April 25th, 2016 (KOR)

Label: Pledis Entertainment

Formats: CD, digital download

1 8 5 42 3 KOR: 210,589

JPN: 72,978

US: 1,000

Teen, Age Release: November 6th, 2017 (KOR)

Label: Pledis Entertainment

Formats: CD, digital download

1 5 25 8 41 1 KOR: 373,847

JPN: 65,377

“—” denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.


Compilation albums

Title Album details Peak chart positions Sales
17 Hits Release: October 16th, 2016 (JPN)

Label: Pledis Entertainment

Formats: CD, digital download

66 JPN: 1,841



Title Album details Peak chart positions Sales
JPN Hot.
FRA Dig.
US Heat
US Ind
US World
Love & Letter Repackage Album Release: July 4th, 2016 (KOR)

Label: Pledis Entertainment

Formats: CD, digital download

1 6 KOR: 127,830

JPN: 72,978

Director’s Cut Release: February 5th, 2018 (KOR)

Label: Pledis Entertainment

Formats: CD, digital download, SMC

1 2 19 82 2 19 2 KOR: 200,294

JPN: 39,621

“—” denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.


Extended plays

Title Details Peak chart positions Sales Certifications


JPN Hot.
FRA Dig.
US Heat
US Ind
US World
17 Carat Release: May 29th, 2015 (KOR)

Label: Pledis Entertainment

Formats: CD, digital download

4 258 8 KOR:


JPN: 807

Boys Be Release: September 10th, 2015 (KOR)

Label: Pledis Entertainment

Formats: CD, digital download

2 35 1 KOR:




Going Seventeen Release: December 5th, 2016 (KOR)

Label: Pledis Entertainment

Formats: CD, digital download

1 4 9 3 KOR:




Al1 Release: May 22nd, 2017 (KOR)

Label: Pledis Entertainment

Formats: CD, digital download

1 3 10 26 2 KOR:




US: 2,000

We Make You Release: May 30th, 2018 (JPN)

Label: Pledis Japan, MUSICAROMA

Formats: CD, digital download

2 2 JPN: 154,044


JPN: 1,163


RIAJ: Gold
You Make My Day Release: July 16th, 2018 (KOR)

Label: Pledis Entertainment

Formats: CD, digital download, SMC

1 2 16 86 7 27 3 KOR: 409,542

JPN: 139,200

KMCA: Platinum
You Made My Dawn Release: January 21st, 2019 (KOR)

Label: Pledis Entertainment

Formats: CD, digital download, SMC

1 1 8 98 13 30 4 KOR: 422,223

JPN: 72,937


JPN: 2,052


US: 2,000

“—” denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.


As collaborating artist

Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
(with Ailee)
2015 58 3 KOR: 91,343+ Non-album singles
(with Yoon Jong-shin)
2016 KOR: 19,475+
“—” denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.



Title Year Peak chart
Member(s) Album
“Sickness” 2016 Vernon ft. Eunwoo of Pristin Love Revolution (Web-toon) OST
“Kind of Love” 2018 Seungkwan Mother (South Korean TV series) OST
“Missed Connections” DK Tempted (TV series) OST
“A-Teen” 17 Joshua, Hoshi, Woozi, Vernon, Dino A-Teen (Web Drama) OST