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Woozi doesn’t have an official Instagram account for himself, unlike his group mates: Vernon, Joshua, Seungkwan, Mingyu, and The8. He shares his daily updates on SEVENTEEN’s official Instagram account @saythename_17. Currently, their account has more than 4,6 million followers, and only follows 6 accounts: the accounts of the five SEVENTEEN members already mentioned before, that have their own Instagram account, and Pledis’ official Instagram account. Here are some of Woozi’s updates:


Last time he posted on Instagram was on January 31st. He posted a selfie of himself, and wrote in the caption: “golden thumb.” What is the meaning of this caption? It has a connection with the post below.

In this post on the same date, he posted two videos of him playing a rhythmic game of SEVENTEEN songs, like other members. He played SEVENTEEN’s most recent song, “Home,” and got a full combo.


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[17’S] 1/25 뮤직뱅크📷 #3 Photo by Mingyu

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Although this post was posted by Mingyu, who is known for his hobby of taking photos of the other members and is called by his fans the “official fansite,” there is a photo of Woozi here. Swipe left for the picture!


This post was not posted by Woozi as well, but by DK. Here, in this post, DK posted a photo of himself with Woozi while he was sleeping. Not only that, but in the third post, he recorded a funny video with the sleeping Woozi. Check this post, sure it will make you laugh!

Latest News

Seventeen’s Woozi was asked if he ever wanted to do a solo promotion

Woozi is a multi-talented idol who excels at singing, dancing and producing. In fact, he has produced several songs for his group SEVENTEEN. In an interview with Star News, Woozi was asked, “As an idol who is capable of producing, have you ever wanted to make your own solo production?”

To the question regarding his solo promotion, Woozi replied, “SEVENTEEN is the first. I haven’t had any solo productions other than my members’ solo productions for concerts, I think of SEVENTEEN all year long.” In the meantime, SEVENTEEN released their 6th mini-album You Made My Dawn on January 21st of this year.