They Look Like Siblings, Let’s Compare Seventeen’s Woozi and BTS’ Suga’s Photos!

Similar but Not the Same, Woozi and Suga

Among hundreds of South Korean celebrities, it’s normal to have a similarity from one to another. Some celebrities, especially idols, often are matched with each other by fans and said to be twins, long lost brother or sisters, etc. This also happened to BTS’s rapper Suga from Big Hit Entertainment Seventeen’s vocal leader Woozi from Pledis Entertainment.

Even though BTS’s Suga is 3 years older than Seventeen’s Woozi (also BTS is Seventeen’s hyung), they both still have several visual similarities from facial features to hair color. Suga and Woozi also have talent in composing songs and contribute to many songs of their boy groups. Let’s see how these similarities are shown!

Look-Alike: Woozi and Suga

These are comparison photos between BTS’s Suga and Seventeen’s Woozi:

This is an HD picture of one of their shows on stage. Look at those small eyes, noses, and lips! Also, they gave off the same charm but in different styles. They have a rapper charm vs vocal charm~

Look at how cute they are in a flower crown! Even they show the same smile lines and smiling eyes. Suga seems like he has a longer face while Woozi has a wider face.

Here, they have the same hair color! They look handsome in green. But, these pictures remind me of iKON’s Jinhwan as well!

Again, they have the same hair color in brown and even a similar messy style! This time, Woozi’s eyes look more pointed.

Pink hair at a fan sign event! Well, what do you think? Are they doppelgangers of one another?


It’s already known that Seventeen has a good relationship with their sunbaenim BTS because there’s some evidence that shows their heartwarming friendship interactions. One of them was during the broadcast of The Show in 2015 when BTS paid a visit to support Seventeen. BTS also hoped that Seventeen would win the Rookie Award of the Year, and they really did. After winning the award, Seventeen’s members bowed to each member of BTS.

Not only that time, Suga and Woozi also showed their similarities at the ISAC (Idol Stars Athletic Championship) 2015 show. That moment wasn’t recorded well, but the fans who attended the show freaked out and revealed it on social media. They said, “WOOZI CALLED YOONGI [SUGA] FATHER AND YOONGI FELL TO THE GROUND.” So cute! One of them also said that Suga and Woozi hugged each other. What a great relationship!

Latest News

BTS’s Suga

Suga is rumored to soon be collaborating with Epik High in their new project. This was revealed when Epik High’s Tablo posted a group selfie with Epik High fellow members and Suga at a recording studio on his Instagram @blobyblo on October 30, 2018. He wrote the caption, “Epik High had a visitor today and I have a huge pimple on my nose.” If this rumor is true, of course, all of their fans are eagerly waiting for this epic collaboration.

Not only Epik High, but the international DJ Afrojack also revealed his intentions to collaborate with Suga in a Billboard Korea exclusive interview with him on October 2, 2018, when he was in South Korea for Club Chroma’s opening party. Unfortunately, he was in a project with the J-pop industry so he wanted to just focus on J-pop right now.

Seventeen’s Woozi

On November 22, 2018, Woozi turned 22 years old. In order to celebrate Woozi’s birthday, all of Woozi’s fans all over the world made the hashtag #VOBOWOOZIDAY trend worldwide for a total of around 78-79 million tweets! Fans shared about what they loved about Woozi and gave their best wishes to him. All of these lovely tweets can be found if you type the hashtag.

Happy birthday Woozi! Keep making music that will make us happy and love you more, keep healthy, and keep fighting!