Seventeen’s Wonwoo: Profile, Facts, Ideal Type, and More!

Wonwoo’s Controversy

In 2016, Wonwoo got into involved in a controversy because of his past posts. In the online community, Wonwoo’s past as Girl’s Generation’s anti-fan surfaced. In his posts he called members of the group Girl’s Generation ugly, he accused them of having undergone plastic surgery, and many other offensive things.

After his past posts surfaced, Wonwoo apologized to his fans through a letter. Here’s the translation from

“Hello, this is Wonwoo.

On this occasion, I want to apologize to everyone who felt hurt by this controversy. Rather than coming up with excuses that it was a mistake that happened at a young age and something that I don’t remember, I admit my fault and accept the punishment. Those posts were written when I was young, but that doesn’t change the fact that I was the one who wrote them. I’m sorry to SNSD sunbae-nim, SNSD’s fans, and Carats, and also the members who are working hard to be Seventeen.

I was very immature. I took celebrities lightly and I didn’t think my careless words could hurt people. When I became a middle school student and became a trainee for Seventeen, that’s when I learned about the pressure of being someone who performs on stage. After learning about how many people it took for one singer to perform, and how performers feel after I become Seventeen’s members, I learned what it’s like to be on stage. I learned that SNSD sunbae-nim‘s spot is a big achievement and I respect them. Also, with the love that I get from fans, I learned that I have to be very responsible for my past and how one comment can affect the celebrity’s feelings. I’m reflecting on my wrongdoings.

I can’t dare to ask for forgiveness. But, I’m reflecting endlessly and I want to apologize to SNSD sunbae-nim. My thoughtless posts were not right and could hurt anyone. I can’t lift my head up because I’m very sorry.

I’ll try not to disappoint anymore. I will read all the criticism and advises toward my immature behavior and I won’t forget them. Please teach me more in the future.

Once again, I sincerely apologize. I’m sorry.”

Some fans have commented that his past posts are actually not a problem because he was in middle school when he wrote the posts. But, other fans also said that he is in the wrong because Wonwoo is picking on SNSD. What do you think about his controversy?


Wonwoo’s Abs

Wonwoo has never shown his abs purposefully during a performance. In one of his performances with Seventeen, he accidentally revealed his abs and fans were able to take a photo of him. Other than this, Wonwoo has never shown his abs on other occasions.


Latest News

Seventeen just ended their promotion with the song “Home” on the music shows. Wonwoo’s warm gaze at the rehearsal of Mnet’s M Countdown┬ábecame a hot topic of conversation.

On Seventeen’s official Instagram account, Hoshi posted a video of him pranking Wonwoo. When Hoshi was about to take a selfie, Wonwoo taught him to take a selca and it turned out that Hoshi had turned the camera on video mode. Look at their video in this post below.