Seventeen’s Wonwoo: Profile, Facts, Ideal Type, and More!

Seventeen’s Cleanest Member – Jeon Wonwoo

One of the most handsome members of the boy band Seventeen, Wonwoo! In Seventeen, his position is the lead rapper and part of the hip-hop team unit. Debuted in 2015, Wonwoo has attracted many fans with his handsome face and his deep voice. Behind his cold looks, it turns out that Wonwoo has hidden charms. Wanna know more about Seventeen’s Wonwoo? Let’s find out together in this article!


Profile and Facts

Full Profile

Real Name: Jeon Won-woo (전원우)

Stage Name: Wonwoo (원우)

Date of Birth: July 17th, 1996

Place of Birth: Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Shoe Size: 270 mm

Blood Type: Type A

Last Education: Seoul Performing Arts High School, Broadcasting Department

Instagram: @saythename_17

Position: Hip-Hop team, Lead Rapper

Facts About Wonwoo

  • His family consists of him, his father, his mother, and a younger brother.
  • His brother is named Jeon Bo-hyuk and is working as a model.
  • He auditioned at Pledis Entertainment just for the experience.
  • After he moved to Seoul, he took guitar classes in his third year of middle school.
  • He trained for four years.
  • He used to have the nickname “Legendary Dancing Machine” because of this video.
  • He first trained as a singer in the group, but because of his deep voice, he started learning hip-hop seriously and debuted as a part of the hip-hop team.
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • His favorite food is pomegranate fruit and hamburger.
  • He can’t eat seafood.
  • Even though he has been living in Seoul for quite some time now, sometimes he still talks with an accent.
  • His hobby is reading books, playing games, and listening to music.
  • He likes watching horror movies.
  • Before debuting, he appeared in Nu’est’s and Hello Venus’s music videos.


  • He is the cleanest member of the group.
  • He likes reading and that’s why he’s the wisest in the group.
  • Despite his cold looks, he is actually a warm person.
  • He is a quiet shy person but he opens up after becoming close.
  • He is good at playing sports, such as billiards, bowling, and basketball.
  • He is also good at studying.
  • His close friend is BAP’s Him-chan.
  • He is listening to sad songs to go to sleep.
  • His role models are Lupe Fiasco and Tablo from Epik High.
  • He doesn’t like to do aegyo.
  • He has Xerophthalmia (dry eye syndrome).
  • He has bad vision and wears contacts on stage and glasses at home.
  • He is normally staying home on his days off.
  • He said he wants to create a new unit with Seung-kwan, Min-gyu, Hoshi, and DK and name the group Comics.
  • Among the other Seventeen members, he is more close with Jun, Ho-shi, Min-gyu, and Seung-wan.
  • He is good at acting.



Studio Albums

Title Release Date 
Love & Letter April 25th, 2016
Teen, Age November 6th, 2017


Extended Plays

Title Release Date 
17 Carat May 29th, 2015
Boys Be September 10th, 2015
Going Seventeen December 5th, 2016
Al1 May 22nd, 2017
You Made My Dawn January 21st, 2019


  • Adore U (아낀다)
  • Mansae (만세)
  • Pretty U (예쁘다)
  • Very Nice (아주 Nice)
  • Boom Boom (붐붐)
  • Don’t Wanna Cry (울고 싶지 않아)
  • Clap (박수)
  • Thanks (고맙다)
  • Oh My! (어쩌나)
  • Getting Closer (숨이 차)
  • Home

Wonwoo’s Ideal Type

Wonwoo’s ideal type is the type of girl who would suit him perfectly. For personality, he is a quiet person. He would like to have a lover who has the same personality as him, who is a good talker and listener. And also, because he likes to read, he would like to have a lover who also likes to read. For love, he doesn’t believe at love first sight because he thinks it’s rare for a person to fall in love in such a short time.