Seventeen’s Rapper Wonwoo: From His Bromance with Bandmate Mingyu to Being a Look-Alike with Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Let’s Get Acquainted with Seventeen’s Rapper, Wonwoo!

Wonwoo, who was born with the name Jeon Won-woo, is a South Korean rapper under Pledis Entertainment. He was born in Changwon, South Korea, on July 17, 1996. Because of his birth date, he is often called “Seventeen since birth” by other Seventeen members and their fans.

Before his debut as a rapper for Seventeen, he spent his childhood outside Seoul, then moved to Seoul when he was a third grader in middle school. After graduating, he continued his high school life at the School of Performing Arts Seoul, in the broadcasting department, and graduated in 2015.

At first, he went to the Pledis Entertainment audition only to have the experience. Luckily, he passed the audition at the first trial, while the others had to try many times to pass the audition. After that, he spent 4 years as a trainee at Pledis Entertainment and practiced rapping, because the management said that he was more suited to being a rapper than being a vocalist.

As we know, artists, and idols are no longer strangers to the terms “shipping” and “OTP (One True Pairing)”. In the Korean music industry itself, “shipping” between idols or between members is very common, whether it’s a boy-girl couple, even two boys, which is commonly called a bromance. So, how about Wonwoo?

“Meanie” for Wonwoo and Mingyu

Wonwoo is one of many idols that has a bromance with one of his fellow group members. Fans of Seventeen often “ship” Wonwoo with Mingyu, calling them “Meanie”, which is a mashup of Mingyu and Beanie, which Wonwoo is sometimes called.

There are so many moments and examples of their closeness that fans and netizens are charmed by. This “Meanie” couple is quite chummy, and they go everywhere together.. On Seventeen TV, Mingyu and Wonwoo always stand close together,  hold each other hands, and always stare into each other eyes when they laugh.

Wonwoo and Mingyu also often look jealous of each other. In a fan sign event, Mingyu, Jun, and Joshua were told to make a ‘Love’ sign using their hands, and there was Wonwoo, who stood up behind them and watched. Wonwoo looked annoyed to see Mingyu, Jun, and Joshua laughing, then he approached them and pulled Mingyu’s body, than Mingyu looked back at Wonwoo while smiling broadly. Wonwoo, who put on an annoyed face before, instantly got cheerful again after seeing Mingyu’s smile.

Why Does the Name Have to be “Meanie”?

The name “Meanie” came when Seventeen TV was aired and fans could see the closeness of Wonwoo and Mingyu through that TV program. At the time, Mingyu’s name was already revealed in Seventeen TV, while Wonwoo’s name was still a secret. But, at the same time, Wonwoo loved to wear a beanie throughout that TV show. As a result, Seventeen fans called him Mr. Beanie and gave “Meanie” for the couple name that stands for “Mingyu + Mr. Beanie”.

The Charming Wonwoo and Joshua

Wonwoo and Joshua are well known for a positive habit they share that impresses many people. If other people leave their trash after being somewhere, they are different from Wonwoo and Joshua. Both of them always bring a plastic bag to carry their trash away and throw it in a trash receptacle. That’s why Wonwoo and Joshua are often seen carrying a plastic bag containing garbage every time they get out of a plane or train, as well as other public places.

Seeing their habit, some netizens reacted to it and left some comments through a site called Instiz. “They are so cute TT TT”, “I love them more when they do good things”, another netizen added, “it seems like they consume a lot of snacks while traveling”.

Being a “BFF” to Hoshi

If Wonwoo and Mingyu are often called a romantic couple, Wonwoo and Hoshi are often called BFFs. Fans have said that Wonwoo is closer to Hoshi than Jun and Mingyu, and Hoshi looks out for Wonwoo a lot, genuinely finding his jokes hilarious. They make an adorable pair, and even the other Seventeen members have said that they are really close to each other.

Wonwoo and Woozi, the 96 Liner

Being the 96 liners in the group made Wonwoo and Woozi become even closer.

‘Wonwoo + Junhui’ is Such a Cutie Pie

Fans said “You should “ship” Wonwoo and Jun because extrovert Jun is actually one of introvert Wonwoo’s favorite members”

Is Wonwoo Red Velvet’s Seulgi’s Twin Brother?

This isn’t the first time that female and male celebrities have been considered to have similar faces. Previously, EXO Xiumin and ex-Wonder Girls Sohee, and also NCT Dream’s Renjun and actress Kim Sae Ron were considered to be similar to each other, so do Wonwoo and Seulgi.

A post on a site named Instiz tried to prove the resemblance between Wonwoo and Seulgi. When their faces are compared, they do have some similar characteristics. Both of them seem to have mono-lid, pointed eyes, small-but-high pointy noses, and even the shape of their lips and jawlines are the same.

Some netizens agree that Wonwoo and Seulgi have similar faces, but other netizens assume that both of them look similar just because they equally have mono-lid eyes.

In my opinion, they don’t look the same. Seulgi is similar to Kim Yuna, whereas Wonwoo is similar to Joon Ji-hoon“, a netizen said. “It’s because they equally don’t have double lids. They are not similar“, another netizen said.

If You Wonder How He was Treated on His Birthday

As an idol, Wonwoo must be treated specially by his fans as well as Seventeen members. From year to year, Wonwoo’s fans makes special birthday projects to celebrate Wonwoo’s birthday on July 17. Through the birthday projects, fans have the opportunity to show their talents, such making fan art, photo or video edits, fanfiction, games, mood boards, and so on. They also can enliven Wonwoo’s birthday by using hashtags in social media until it reaches the top.

Want to Know More About Wonwoo? Don’t Worry, This Fansite List is For You

Like other idols who have a huge number of fan sites, So does Wonwoo. Through these fan sites, you can find recent news, activities, photos, videos, and other updates from Wonwoo. Don’t say that you’re a Wonwoo fan if you haven’t followed one of these fansites:

  1. Saint Wonwoo [Twitter]
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  3. 플립 [Twitter]
  4. 너라는,달 [Twitter]
  5. humpback [Twitter]
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  7. Slow Moment [Twitter]

Looking Gorgeous in Various Photoshoots

Starring in a photo shoot can indicate a bright future for rookies in the entertainment industry. Nevertheless, fans were startled and impressed after finding out that Wonwoo already had his first solo photo shoot in the first nine months after debuting as a Seventeen member.

He partnered up with the March issue of ‘GQ’ in 2016. The pictorial itself was titled ‘Body & Body’. Seeing his very own solo pictorial, netizens couldn’t stop admiring Wonwoo for his unique visuals and charm.

Bringing Out His Moody Side on the Cover of MAPS Magazine

In 2018, Wonwoo and his fellow Seventeen members, Vernon, Seungkwan, and the8 were becoming the cover of MAPS magazine’s June issue.

What Happened to Wonwoo Lately?

Wonwoo, along with Seventeen, released a comeback album on January 21, 2019. The songs from the album titled ‘You Made My Dawn’ are composed by the group members and are conducted with Home, an urban future R&B song, as the main track of the album.

Currently, they are still busy promoting the album in every performance and media. You can check out the MV for Home that was released two months ago on Seventeen’s YouTube channel.

Unexpectedly, ‘You Made My Dawn’ became one of the most awaited albums in 2019 on Billboard, along with Astro’s ‘All Light’, Gfriend’s ‘Time for Us’, and g.o.d’s ‘Then & Now’.