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Get To Know More About SEVENTEEN’s Members Visual Ranking

SEVENTEEN is known as one of the most popular boy groups in South Korea which have many members. They are also known as a famous boy group with some top songs, such as “Ready To Love”, “Rock With You”, and “Don’t Wanna Cry”. Not only that, but they also have many members whose visuals can be said to be very handsome.

Are you familiar with some of SEVENTEEN’s members and their visual appearance? Then, how about SEVENTEEN’s visual ranking based on Korean beauty standards? Does your favorite idol rank at the top? Without waiting any longer, let’s find out about it in this article below!

SEVENTEEN’s Visual Based On Korean Beauty Standard


When talking about Korean beauty standards, SEVENTEEN can be said to have met the criteria as idols who are handsome and always looking flawless. Here’s the list of SEVENTEEN’s members rank based on a Korean beauty standards that you should know :

Rank Seventeen’s Members
1st Joshua
2nd Vernon
3rd Jeonghan
4th Jun
5th Mingyu
6th S.Coups
7th Wonwoo
8th DK
9th Seungkwan
10th The8
11th Dino
12th Hoshi
13th Woozi


Korean beauty standard has several criteria, such as the small face, pale skin, v-shaped jaw, big eyes, double eyelids, high nose bridge, height above 180 cm, and more. Let’s check out the details below to get to know more about it!

1st: SEVENTEEN’s Joshua

SEVENTEEN's Visual - Joshua

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua gets first place when it comes to Korean beauty standards. Even though he is an unofficial visual line, he has a mix of both feminine and masculine sides. Society of Korean likes the person who has this side of being considered as cute and handsome, especially when it comes to idols.

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua’s advantages of being fit the Korean beauty standard are having a small face, pale skin, a v-shaped jaw, big eyes, double eyelids, a high nose bridge, and a sharp jaw. The disadvantage is he is below 180 cm.

2nd: SEVENTEEN’s Vernon

SEVENTEEN's Visual - Vernon

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon reached the 2nd rank of Korean beauty standard. He got the masculine and feminine vibes as SEVENTEEN’s Joshua, but he leans to be more masculine. SEVENTEEN’s Vernon has a blend of being handsome but also can be cute sometimes.

For your information, SEVENTEEN’s Vernon is half Korean and half white. He has the advantage of having a strong jawline. Not only that, but he also had a high nose bridge, full lips, double eyelids, and pale skin.

3rd: SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan

SEVENTEEN's Visual - Jeonghan

The 3rd rank of SEVENTEEN’s visual based on Korean beauty standards is Jeonghan. Although he is the unofficial visual line, many fans talk about his visual, because he is the most feminine member among others.

He also has the advantage of having a small face, straight eyebrows, a slim nose, and double eyelids. SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan has his own way of getting fans’ attention for his mix of handsome and pretty visuals.

4th: SEVENTEEN’s Jun

SEVENTEEN's Visual - Jun

SEVENTEEN’s Jun is having a mix of pretty and feminine looks but is less feminine than SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan. The advantages of SEVENTEEN’s Jun and why he received the 4th rank of visual that fits the Korean beauty standard is because of the small face, big eyes, and slim nose.

This is why SEVENTEEN’s Jun fits enough the Korean beauty standard and can be a top-tier visual.

5th: SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

SEVENTEEN's Visual - Mingyu

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu ranks 5th when it comes to visuals based on Korean beauty standards. He is the visual line of the group and the company itself, Pledis Entertainment, who knows that he has great potential with natural visuals that will blow people away with his appearance.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu’s visual is greatly admired in South Korea and internationally, but he somehow also has a disadvantage to fit the Korean beauty standard, because of his tan skin and average size face. This standard actually fits the Western, because of his masculine look.

6th: SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups

SEVENTEEN's Visual - S.Coups

Maybe some of you will notice that SEVENTEEN’s members don’t all have visuals that fit with Korean beauty standards. One of them is SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups which looks half Korean and half westerner. This is because SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups have the advantages of pale skin, big eyes, full lips, and many more.

SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups also has that masculine look that would be considered the suits the Western beauty standard, because he has a sharp jaw and masculine looks. The disadvantage and reason why he didn’t fit the Korean beauty standard was because of the wide nose and his height of only 178 cm.

7th: SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo

SEVENTEEN's Visual - Wonwoo

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo got the 7th rank and he does visually already have a sufficient portion as a K-Pop idol. At first glance, you will definitely see SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo as an idol than any other occupation. He has a small face, pale skin, height of 182 cm, full lips, and a high nose bridge.

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo’s visual may be the standard type and arguably doesn’t really meet the Korean beauty standard, because he has monoloids, small eyes, and no v-shaped jaw.



SEVENTEEN’s DK received the 8th position of becoming the member who fits the Korean beauty standard. He is actually more appreciated for having such a great vocal rather than his visual, but you can say that he is also the unofficial visual line. SEVENTEEN’s DK fits the Korean beauty standard well because of his double eyelids, full lips, v-shaped jaw, and more.

Besides that, he is also can fit the Western beauty standard as well because of his masculine look and tan skin. Although idols often have to have a small face, SEVENTEEN’s DK with his long face turns out to be his own charm.

9th: SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan

SEVENTEEN's Visual - Seungkwan

Many know that SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan has excellent singing skills. However, he does not have a good standard when it comes to Korean beauty standards. He has the disadvantage of having a wide nose, big face, no v-shaped jaw, and no sharp jaw.

The advantages of his visuals which are the superior points of the Korean beauty standard are his pale skin, big eyes, double eyelids, full lips, and high nose bridge.

10th: SEVENTEEN’s The8

SEVENTEEN's Visual - The8

When talking about SEVENTEEN’s The8, he has very good dancing skills. Many people appreciate his dancing skills, but somehow his visual doesn’t fit the Korean beauty standard really well. SEVENTEEN’s The8 has pale skin, double eyelids, a slim nose, and v-shaped jaw.

It’s not without reason that SEVENTEEN’s The8 got the position on the 10th when it comes to the Korean beauty standard. He also has disadvantages, such as a height below 180 cm (since he was only 177 cm), a long face, thin lips, small eyes, etc.

11th: SEVENTEEN’s Dino

SEVENTEEN's Visual - Dino

SEVENTEEN’s Dino gets the 11th rank when it comes to visuals based on Korean beauty standards. He has some advantages, such as pale skin, a slim nose, full lips, and a sharp jaw. His visuals are also identical to the standard K-Pop idols.

However, he has some disadvantages, such as monolids, small eyes, big face, 173 cm height, no v-shaped jaw, and low nose bridge. You could say that SEVENTEEN’s Dino has a fairly small figure, so he can’t really stand out among other members.

12th: SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi

SEVENTEEN's Visual - hoshi

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi was very appreciated for his dancing and vocals than his visuals. He occupies the 12th position when it comes to his rank of Korean beauty standard. You can say that probably he has a cute hamster-like visual and is more likely to have a cute side.

His advantage to fit the visual based on Korean beauty standard is pale skin, slim nose, high nose bridge, and sharp jaw. Meanwhile, the disadvantage is his long face, monolids, small eyes, and 177 cm height.

13th: SEVENTEEN’s Woozi

SEVENTEEN's Visual - Woozi

SEVENTEEN’s Woozi received the 13th rank in visual based on Korean beauty standards. From his appearance, he might look small and very young, but he actually hates to act cute and seems childish.

Because his rank is the lowest, he doesn’t have many specifications to fit the visual of Korean beauty standards. As you can see, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi has the use of skin and a small face, but not much that can be an advantage by the standard.

Well, that was all for the information about SEVENTEEN’s members’ visuals based on Korean beauty standards. Despite being on the rank, let’s continue to give support and lots of love to SEVENTEEN’s members! If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!