Seventeen’s Seungkwan: Profile, Facts, Variety King, Etc.

Seventeen’s Seungkwan’s ‘Variety King’ Personality

seventeen seungkwan

Seungkwan is known as the happy virus of Seventeen. Even before his debut, he stood out as the witty member on Seventeen TV. It is no wonder that he got picked to be the cast of Korean variety shows such as  My Little Television, Prison Life of Fools, Unexpected Q, etc. He can show a great reaction and offered witty comebacks. He also managed to tease and make his members laugh with his cheerful, funny personality.

Check out his variety show talents in the clips below!


Seventeen’s Seungkwan’s Multi Talents

seventeen seungkwan

Although Seungkwan mainly filled Seventeen’s main vocal position, he has many other talents such as dancing and rapping. Seungkwan’s vocal strength really stands out for his husky tone, wide range, and great emotional expression in terms of vocal. Not to mention, he got a very stable voice amongst other members.

In terms of dancing, Seventeen’s choreographies are among the hardest K-pop boy group choreographies in general. So, it is no surprise that Seungkwan also demonstrated the same level of dancing as he is in singing. He got a smooth and neat dance when he’s performing.

And apart from singing and dancing, Seungkwan is also good at rap, as you can see from his various rap compilation below:

We stan the multi-talented king!


Seventeen’s Seungkwan’s Ankle Injury

seventeen seungkwan

In 2020, Seungkwan took a hiatus from Seventeen due to his ankle injury. This resulted in Seventeen promoting their newest mini-album, Heng: garæ, with 12 other members without Seungkwan.

The news was announced directly by Pledis Entertainment on July 21, 2020, as they released a statement as below:

Hello. This is Pledis Entertainment.

We are releasing an announcement regarding SEVENTEEN member Seungkwan’s injury.

Recently, Seungkwan injured his ankle while practicing choreography, and he immediately visited the hospital to receive treatment and a detailed examination. The exact diagnosis he received is a “left ankle ligament rupture,” and as it was the doctor’s opinion that surgery was inevitable in this case, he underwent surgery last Saturday.

Currently, Seungkwan is focusing on recovery and finding stability following his surgery, and he will be temporarily taking a break to focus on recovering and managing his health.

Therefore, we will do our utmost for Seungkwan’s treatment and rehabilitation for his complete recovery. Starting from today, we will be temporarily halting Seungkwan’s activities to protect our artist, so we ask for your understanding in advance so that he can focus solely on his recovery.

Furthermore, until Seungkwan’s health recovers, SEVENTEEN will continue to carry out their planned promotions temporarily as 12 members.

We sincerely apologize for causing fans to worry by delivering this sudden news. We will think of our artist’s health as our first priority, and we’ll do our best so that Seungkwan can greet fans after recovering to a healthy state as soon as possible.

We ask for fans’ generous understanding and support.

Thank you.


Seventeen’s Seungkwan’s Focus Fancam

seventeen seungkwan

Although Seungkwan is a total 4D in his off-stage and variety stage time, he has a serious charm whenever he’s performing on-stage with Seventeen. 

Check out his charming stage performances in these fan cams below!

So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding Seventeen’s variety king and happy virus, Seungkwan! So, have you satisfied your curiosity after reading this article? Please show up in the comment section and tell us all about it!