Let’s Check Out SEVENTEEN’s Seung-kwan’s Cover Songs!


Seung-kwan, the Main Vocalist of SEVENTEEN

Do you know the main vocalist of the South Korean boy band Seventeen, Seung-kwan? He has a real name Boo Seung-kwan (부승관) and was born in Busan, on January 16th, 1998.

Seventeen’s Seung-kwan was a trainee for three years and two months as he joined Pledis Entertainment in June 2012 and debuted as a member of Seventeen in 2015.


He is also quite known for his singing abilities and for his amazing voice. Seventeen’s Seung-kwan has appeared in many music shows, singing for K-Drama’s soundtracks, and he has even done some cover songs during his solo activities.

Well, if you want to know more about which songs have Seventeen’s Seung-kwan made covers off, let’s scroll down and check out the article below!

Seung-kwan’s Cover Songs

Beautiful Tomorrow

On March 29th, 2017, Seventeen’s Seung-kwan covered the song “Beautiful Tomorrow” by Park Hyo-shin. As the main vocalist, he’s also known as a great idol singer who can set the perfect vibes as the ballad king, Park Hyo-shin, with this song.

As quoted from Amino Apps, the song was written after he experienced some negative emotions as a singer and it describes “singing” and the hope for a beautiful tomorrow, just like the title of the song.


On January 14th, 2018, Seventeen’s Seung-kwan appeared as a guest on Mask King that aired on MBC. The show is all about the appearance of an idol or singer who wears a mask and sings a song which the panelists need to guess who his identity is by his voice.

In the first round, the contestant by the name of ‘Woodcutter’ performed the song “Flower Fairy” on the stage and the two were singing a song from Soyu and Kwon Jung-yeol’s “Lean On Me,” following with the next round, ‘Woodcutter’ performed a song from Big Mama, namely “Forsake,” with a strong voice and ended up revealing his true identity to the audience.

The Woodcutter’ successfully made the audience and panelists mesmerized with the previous performance and they were even more taken aback when the mask he wore was lifted up and they saw it was the main vocalist of Seventeen, Seung-kwan.


During the interview, Seventeen’s Seung-kwan expressed how he wanted to join the show and sing for the audience from the bottom of the heart after such a long time. Let’s hear the audio of Seventeen’s Seung-kwan cover of “Forsake”:


On October 4th, 2015, Seventeen’s Seung-kwan made a cover of XIA Junsu’s song “Butterfly (나비)” on Seventeen’s Fan signing and this might have been the first time Seung-kwan is making a song cover in front of so many people.

It might be the first time for Seung-kwan to sing a ballad song in front of his fans on a fan signing event and it was truly such an amazing performance as he could sing a ballad song with his amazing voice.


On December 9th, 2015, Seventeen’s Seung-kwan made another cover song, this time it was Kye Bum Zu’s “28.5.”

The song was originally sung by Kye Bum Zu and released on December 12th, 2014, and the song featured artist Jung In. The music video of “28.5” has a black and white motif revealing a visual of the singer, Kye Bum Zu, and Jung In is in one frame as they both pulled off a great song with their unique vocal talents.

Check out Kye Bum Zu feat. Jung In – “28.5” Official Music Video below:

You Don’t Know Love

Seung-kwan made his appearance in public back when he was a trainee, preparing to debut with Seventeen. The main vocalist showed his ability in singing in their pre-debut television program, Seventeen TV.

Seung-kwan was singing the song You Don’t Know Love by K-Will in front of the audience, who came to the show and he already showed his talent as a great singer. The song is a really catchy song that has been released in October 2013, by singer K-Will and it has a beautiful Music Video to accompany it, starring EXO’s Chan-yeol and model Lee Ho-jung.

Well, Seung-kwan is a great singer after all, isn’t he? He has done covers and has sung with a truly great voice as he is praised for his ability in singing. Let us hope for the best for Seventeen’s Seung-kwan in the future so that he will become more recognizable for his talent in singing.