Plastic Surgery Rumors: Let’s See the Members of Seventeen’s Facial Transformation

K-Pop Idol and the Rumors around Them

In this day and age, K-Pop boy-group Seventeen is on everybody’s list of the top boy-groups promoting right now. With hits like Pretty U, Aju Nice and Clap, it is to no one’s surprise that they have hit multiple no.1’s on the music charts. They are known for their self produced music and tight choreography, something that is not easily achieved in the Korean entertainment industry. Not only are they talented, but they are also very personable and charming on variety shows. This coupled with their good looks is just the right recipe for success.

But do you know that there have been several rumors floating around about seventeen’s possible plastic surgery? In South Korea, plastic surgery is definitely not an uncommon thing, having been normalized even within the general public. In the case of celebrities, especially idols, these procedures are known to be done, but are kept hush hush in favor of promoting them as natural beauties. So are you curious about the procedures fans have dug up in regards to Seventeen? Let’s take a deeper look!

Seventeen’s Members Plastic Surgery Rumors

As previously mentioned, plastic surgery has been normalized among Koreans, but in the case of idols, it is still quite taboo to talk about in the open. There are a few cases of celebrities admitting to the work they have gotten to enhance their looks but for the most part, it is up to the fans to analyze pictures and videos to figure it out. So with this, we present some of the findings fans have gathered over the time Seventeen has been exposed to the public.


Starting off with the leader, S.Coups, there is not much that can be said about whether his features have been modified or not. Fans have come to an agreement that his features looked the same from pre-debut to this day, with lush lips and big, round eyes. Usually the nose and the eyes are two main areas that are susceptible to change through surgery, but it seems his features remain as to how they were before his debut.


In the case of member Jeonghan, there have been a few controversies regarding his eyelids and nose. First of all, his eyelids have gone through several minor changes over the years that are subtle but enough to create a certain look. As seen above, the picture of him with the pink shirt was taken during his time broadcasting 17TV, at that time his eyelids, although a double eyelid, it was one where it folds inwards. The inward fold means that when the person opens their eyes, it would be as if he or she has a monolid. The second picture taken during Clap era fansign indicates that his eyelid fold appears to be more pronounced and has been modified into the typical outward fold where the fold itself is visible even with his eyes open.

Other than that, he has supposedly also had a nose filler procedure to help straighten out his crooked nose. Most of the filler is concentrated around his upper nose bridge, at first only to fix the crookedness, but as seen above its been further added, to also heighten the bridge.


The third oldest member is Joshua, there is much speculation regarding his nose and double eyelids. In regards to his nose, as seen in the the pictures above which are taken at relatively similar angles, its seems that the shape has been altered through fillers, as his nose bridge seems higher and more uniform, reducing the look of his rounded-tip nose. Not only that, due to the fillers, the nose also appears smaller and sharper, when in fact it is still the same size but its uniformity masks the sheer size of the nose in relation to his face.


In the case of his eyes, it is hard to tell from the pictures due to the fact that they are hidden under his bangs, but he has been seen with fluctuating aegyo-sal, or the fat under the eyes. The fat seems to be more sizable in some pictures, whilst deflating in some others. Furthermore, his eyelids also seemed to have been threaded in order to create a uniform lid instead of multiple folds creating an uneven eyelid. The picture above details some of that uneven eyelids, even with the bangs covering his eyes.