Shining Like Diamonds: Here’s The Explanation Of SEVENTEEN’s Official Fandom ‘CARAT’

SEVENTEEN’s Fanchant by ‘CARATS’

If you are a fan of one of the idols in South Korea, you will definitely be familiar with the screaming fanchant that can be heard every time that idol performs on stage. ‘CARATs’ always give their best fanchant at every SEVENTEEN performance to support their idols. On Pledis Entertainment’s official YouTube account, all the SEVENTEEN members are trying to imitate the ‘CARAT’ fanchant. Here are some fan guides to do the fanchant on some SEVENTEEN songs


“Hit” is a digital single that was released by SEVENTEEN on August 5, 2019. Among all SEVENTEEN songs, the song “Hit” is one of the most difficult fanchants, according to SEVENTEEN members. They are even remind each other to take a breath in the middle of the song, because their fanchants are too dense. At the end of the video, Hoshi said “Ah, it’s hard to be a carat“, and Jonghan responded, “it’s really hard.” Hoshi then continued “ah, really Carat! Not just anybody can do it“, “with this fanchant, the song will be more fun.”

For the song “Fear”, at the end of the video, Mingyu commented that this wasn’t as difficult as the previous song, “Hit”.

there are many more SEVENTEEN fanchants that you can find on the Internet. If you are a CARAT, please try to find all their fanchants and try them at home to practice for when SEVENTEEN comes to your country.