Shining Like Diamonds: Here’s The Explanation Of SEVENTEEN’s Official Fandom ‘CARAT’


Get to Know SEVENTEEN’s Official Fandom, ‘CARAT’!

SEVENTEEN is a South Korean boy-group that debuted in 2015, under Pledis Entertainment. Despite its name, SEVENTEEN actually has 13 members, namely, S.Coups (Choi Seung-cheol), Yoon Jeong-han, Joshua (Hong Ji-soo), Jun (Wen Jun-hui / Moon Jun-hwi), Hoshi (Kwon Soon-young), Jeon Won-woo, Woozi (Lee Ji-hoon), DK (Lee Seok-min), Kim Min-gyu, The8 (Xu Min-hao / Seo Myung-ho), Boo Seung-kwan, Vernon (Hansol Vernon Chwe/Choi Han-seol ), and Dino (Lee Chan). This group is divided into three sub-units, each with a different area of specialization: a hip-hop unit, a vocal unit, and a performance unit. Very talented, SEVENTEEN is considered a “self-producing” idol group, with the members being actively involved in the songwriting, choreography, and other aspects of the group.

Thanks to their talents and their hard work, at this time SEVENTEEN has become one of the most popular boy-groups. Of course, this is also inseparable from the help they get from their fans, ‘CARATS’, who always support and give their love to SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN’s Fandom Name


In 2016, from February 5 to February 12, the group created a poll on their official website to determine their official fandom name. Fans could vote for one of the six potential names, TINKER BELL, TINVELY, WISH, SAME, WENNIE, and CARAT. Each of them have their own precious meanings to SEVENTEEN.


CARAT brightens the DIAMOND called SEVENTEEN, the bigger the gem(carat) is, the precious the value. The more time that passes means that SEVENTEEN’s worth will continue to increase~


SEVENTEEN were like PETER PAN in wonderland (and the fans are TINKERBELL). They were always together, which means SEVENTEEN and their fans were always together.


This is a combination of SEVENTEEN and LOVELY, (we are SEVENTEEN’s lovely fans)


It’s been stated that fans and SEVENTEEN were the SAME, we both LOVE and TREASURE each other.


SEVENTEEN and their fans will accomplish their WISH/DREAMS, which is also a meaning we want to treasure~


W (we) E (expect) N (novelty) N (and) I (imagine) E (eternally)

On February 14, 2016, SEVENTEEN held an exclusive concert, ‘LIKE SEVENTEEN – Boys Wish‘, where they revealed their official fan club name following their performances for “Rock,” “NO F.U.N” and “Mansae.” Once the performance was over, leader S.Coups said, “We have an announcement. You guys made us shine so bright. So you guys are now going to be our CARAT.CARAT (캐럿) sounds similar to the Korean word for “Carrot”.

SEVENTEEN’s Lightstick


On the 500th day since their debut, October 6, 2016, Pledis Entertainment shared an image on Twitter and Instagram of the group’s official colors, “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity.” They wrote as the caption, “SEVENTEEN’s fan club Carat’s official color has been announced. We ask for CARAT’s support and love.”

So far, SEVENTEEN already has two versions of their Official Lightstick,

Version 1

On February 3, 2017, SEVENTEEN released an image of their official lightstick on the group’s official Twitter account. It states that the light stick has Bluetooth capabilities. The light stick is a beautiful upgrade to the temporary light sticks, and features a pink diamond inside of a transparent, spherical top. This lightstick is named ‘Carat Bong’.

In the SEVENTEEN official unboxing videos for the ‘Carat Bong’ Lightstick, it can be seen that ‘Carat Bong’ is packed in boxes and packed beautifully. there are SEVENTEEN symbols on various sides, and they are colored according to the official SEVENTEEN colors, ‘Rose Quartz’ and ‘Serenity’. After opening, there are instructions on how to install the battery to turn on the ‘Carat Bong’.
To turn it on, provide 3 AAA-type batteries and then turn the ‘Carat Bong’ head to insert the batteries. After putting in all three batteries, close it again and then press the button that has the SEVENTEEN symbols, and ‘Carat Bong’ will light up very beautifully. Many people commented on the beauty of the lightstick and admired ‘Carat Bong’, and some even claimed that ‘Carat Bong’ was the most beautiful Lightstick they had ever seen.

Version 2


Carat Bong-version 2-SEVENTEEN-Official LIghtstick-2019

On July 29, 2019, SEVENTEEN released an image of their official lightstick, version 2, on their official Twitter (@pledis_17) account.

Different from the first version of lighting, this second version of the lightstick is packaged in a box lined with holograms, that makes the packaging very elegant, and it says “Seventeen official Lightstick 2”
When the box is opened, there will be the words “Say The Name SEVENTEEN”. In contrast to unboxing the first version, the second version of the lightstick is wrapped in plastic. In one box, there is a lightstick, with a white strap that reads “SEVENTEEN”, a Lightstick guide book, and also a sticker bearing the names of seventeen members and the SEVENTEEN logo sticker.
The design of the Lightstick version 2 is quite different from the previous version of the lightstick. Inside, there is a blue Diamond or ‘Serenity’, and inside the diamond are sparkling little diamonds. If the lightsticks are shaken, the little diamonds will move around and rub against each other, so that they emit sound. The sticker inside the box can be attached to the diamond on the Lightstick. so you can paste the sticker according to your bias name. The size of the Lightstick’s head or sphere is also bigger than before.
How to turn it on is the same as the previous version, by inserting three AAA type batteries into it. What’s different is the level of information generated by this Lightstick. Version two is much brighter and shinier than previous version of the Lightstick. It also has three modes, and can be replaced by pressing the “SVT” button.