From Their Moments to Their Single Collaboration, Here Are Details on the Friendship of SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and Wonwoo!

seventeen's mingyu and wonwoo

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and Wonwoo’s Bromance That You Need to Know!

Are you one of SEVENTEEN‘s fans or even claim yourself as a CARAT? Channel Korea will please you with this article about SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and Wonwoo‘s adorable friendship! We all agree that they have a kind of friendship that we are jealous of. People even say they are representative of friendship goals. Do you want to know more about that? Check out the information below!

The Adorable Friendship of Mingyu and Wonwoo

SEVENTEEN has two incredible rappers, and they are Mingyu and Wonwoo! Not only that but the two of them are included in the hip-hop team of SEVENTEEN’s sub-unit! CARATs are pleased by their fascinating visuals and are amazed by their strong bond even more.

Mingyu and Wonwoo have been close ever since their trainee days, and luckily, they debuted together as SEVENTEEN members on May 26, 2015, through the mini-album 17 Carat! Even though Wonwoo is a year older than Mingyu, most of the fans think that they look the same age. Not only with their ethereal visuals but Mingyu and Wonwoo also draw attention with their adorable actions and amazing skills!

CARATs gave them the nickname “Meanie” which stands for Mingyu and Beanie. They used Beanie to replace Wonwoo’s name since he uses beanie hats very often. For another nickname, Mingyu and Wonwoo are called “Minwon” as well! Such a cute nickname, right?

The Compilation of Mingyu and Wonwoo’s Moments That You Have to See!

Mingyu and Wonwoo shared more details about their friendship with SEVENTEEN magazine! Through the interview video, they answered some fun questions such as what fictional friendship duo do they think looks like them. They contemplated between the cartoon characters Tom and Jerry and even the superhero characters Iron Man and Captain America!

The duo also looks effortlessly good-looking during the photoshoot with COSMOPOLITAN Korea! With casual outfits and cheerful personas, Mingyu and Wonwoo made us unable to stop glancing over at them!

One of the most memorable moments between Mingyu and Wonwoo was on 2019’s Summer Sonic Osaka! The fans thought that their appearance looked beyond attractive, and they looked even more similar!

Mingyu and Wonwoo have a lot of hilarious moments together! When Mingyu got a mission to borrow 1 million from SEVENTEEN’s members, he chose Wonwoo. Surprisingly, Wonwoo let him do that even without asking what the money will be used for!

Mingyu and Wonwoo’s Collaboration through Bittersweet

Mingyu and Wonwoo have spoiled fans with more content of their friendship! The duo finally released a single collaboration titled “Bittersweet” with special guest Lee Hi as the featured artist! The single was released on May 28, 2021, through the official YouTube of HYBE LABELS with such amazing visual art. Moreover, Mingyu and Wonwoo also took part in the lyric writing!

The song depicts both the sweetness and the bitterness within a friendship and a newly discovered love, and it also describes what can happen if a pure friendship is interfered with by a love triangle. The masculine vocals of Mingyu and Wonwoo somehow blend in perfectly with Lee Hi’s mature vocals!

Check out the full MV of “Bittersweet” here:

That is everything about SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and Wonwoo’s friendship details, their moments, and their song collaboration! We hope that Mingyu and Wonwoo’s friendship will last for a long time! Do you also think that Mingyu and Wonwoo’s new single “Bittersweet” is a bop? Leave your comment down below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!