Lets Get Funny with Seventeen Memes


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Seventeen Funny Memes

K-pop fans are so creative. They like to make a lot of interesting creations about their favorite group, including photos that have been edited, funny photos of their bias, memes, fake chats, fake sub and much more. Each fandom has their own creativity. Now let’s look for creative things made for SEVENTEEN ,one of the most popular groups in Korea. We have collect the memes created by their beloved fans, CARAT. Their fans make the memes usually from any kind of photos that have been taken.

Seventeen Wonwoo Memes

Firstly, we will look through Wonwoo’s memes.


When your friends say that they like your favorite group or group members and add that they know everything about them, and you think,”no way!”. It is only talk, not reality.  When they say that, you know in your heart “No, you don’t know anything”.


It shows that you saw the same Wonwoom, but it’s a very different picture. One is the ugly, funny Wonwoo and the other one is the cool and handsome Wonwoo. It’s very different, but it’s the same person.


When we’re doing our test, especially math, and we find a question that mentions “seventeen”, our brain automatically thinks and sings a song from seventeen. This  example is Mansae. When the brain automatically plays it, we can’t concentrate on the task, and the song will always play in our head even when we don’t want it to. The result is we can’t do the test and we get a bad result.


The meme shows us an example of what it’s like to sit beside the people that we like or our crush. We will sit nicely, cutely, politely and differently when we are with our friends or when we were alone. It is an awkward time because we act differently from our daily selves.



Facial expression we make when we hear a good voice from the vocal line team.

Seventeen Vernon Memes


Now, We will analize memes about the rapper of seventeen, Vernon.


In class when you are spacing and your teacher calls you, you will be startled and your face will look like “Why are you calling me?”.


Maybe this meme is the favorite for seventeen’s fans especially Vernon’s fans. Because when you see the meme, Vernon is saying that you are his future wife and that is a dream for all fans.


You are the one who is always searching for the most updated news of Vernon, love him, adore him and fangirl about him. You can only see him through various media and can’t touch him or even meet him, but the bug is luckier than you because it can touch Vernon’s body, feel it and be close to his body.


The face you make when you’re shocked about something.

It’s not only funny memes, sometimes fans make compliment memes.


Find a boyfriend or a boy who can be cool, handsome and funny, silly at the same time. He not only keeps his cool and handsome image but he can make you laugh and feel comfortable.


Fans have said Vernon looks as handsome as Leonardo Dicaprio.


When your friends didn’t find your jokes funny but you were laughing really hard as though it was really funny.